Monday, November 30, 2015

The best part of waking up used to be a cup of coffee...

I'm betting a lot of readers here have been as "obsessed" with the invasion of the EU as I have. Well, same goes for Matt Bracken. Only difference? He's done the hard work of connecting the historical and contemporary dots and churned out a magnum opus of an editorial. (Without cutting & pasting & WordCounting I'm betting it reaches 10,000 words.) A few choice paragraphs follow, but of course it's a must-read. Find it here, at Western Rifle Shooters.

The current open-border policies of the European international socialists were intentionally designed to allow hundreds of thousands of culturally and religiously aggressive Islamist fighters and colonists to flood into Europe. The European traitor elites understand exactly what they are doing. They know what will happen. But why do it now?
 Um-m-m, can you say, "Follow the money?"
The accelerated pace of the 2015 Muslim hijra invasion was conceived, planned and executed by Quisling traitors comprising the elite leadership of the European branch of the international socialist movement, headquartered in Brussels. To paraphrase British nationalist patriot Paul Weston, if a farmer deliberately inserts a fox into the henhouse, who is guilty of killing the hens?

Now, today, across Europe the stage is being set for the genocide of the weak, confused and defenseless European hens. Former East German Communist functionary Angela Merkel achieves high marks at both Muslim fox insertion and German hen repression.
We think "Sanctuary Cities" and churches protecting Mexicans is scary? How about all the mosques in the U.S.A. which have already proven to incite/incubate jihadists like the Boston-Marathon bombers and the Garland, Texas (Draw Mohammed) shooters? Oh, and the new ones breaking ground as we speak...
How many mosques have already received a truckload of shotguns or Kalashnikovs? Run the numbers again: eight jihadists per terror attack, eight hundred weapons per truck, 80,000 Viet Cong fighters in the original Tet Offensive, and an estimated 800,000 muhajirs flooding into Europe. Using radical mosques as clandestine armories is S.O.P in the Middle East, so why would the jihadists not use the same tactics in safe and docile Europe? Out of a sense of fairness and respect for European laws? Please. In the words of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” And bear in mind that anyplace an AK-47 can be smuggled, so too can a few kilos of Semtex.
I could go on but I'll let you read it in its entirety. In conclusion I'll swap Bracken's final lines with one of Aaron Zelman's:
"Never give up your Life Preserver."


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Truly a mixed piece ranging from brillant to ridiculous.