Monday, January 11, 2021

Anyone Tried to Get into Parler, Gab, or Other Dissident Social Media Today?

I just tried, and it's NOT happening. Long wait times, no answers.

A link you're going to want to follow.

I'm going to treat this like an open thread, and continue updating all day.

I'd not seen this video of Trump supporters being sprayed with a noxious substance. Nor, have you, I imagine, if you depend on the Complacent Media.

Pretty bad when the President of a Narco-Republic thinks you're too repressive.

Legal Insurrection has a good post; you might want to print out copies, and distribute in public places - like libraries, work, fast food joints (if you can dine in). Or, since all of those methods are no longer assured - save that printout to be read at your virtual funeral.

9:30 am - just checked to see if Parler is accessible - it's not. But, I did manage to get on Gab, and I'm putting a link to this post there.

If you, like me, tend to use Chrome for lazy reasons (I have some extensions that I use regularly, and can't get on Brave), stop. Just stop. Use an alternative browser -  or, several. I could only access Gab on Brave.

Twitter allows "Hang Mike Pence" to trend. Which, of course, is not violent, at all.

Update: Twits took it off. Unlike all of the graphic and verbal violence against Trump. Which is STILL on the TwitsPlace.

DC's mayor ordered the police to lock Trump supporters into their hotels - placing bars on the doors to keep them from leaving. Have they not heard that's illegal?

I remember reading those documents; at the time, I thought "What a bunch of loons!"

Little did I realize that this was an open expression of The Plan.

A-a-n-n-d-d, there she goes! Gab is not loading - again. Eh, I'll not panic - likely the traffic is huge today.

Yeah, I think EVERYONE with a working brain is thinking this.

We may be reduced to this; I doubt it, as long as we can send pdfs/docs, either electronically or via flash drive. But - just in case - I'm gonna hold onto mine a little while longer.

Meanwhile, we probably need to start thinking about redundancy - mirror sites, alternative ways to bring in cash (for those blogs that use PayPal or other money processors).


Jimmythetriger said...

Gab is slow, parker is gone, as in history. Don't support the tech corps in any way. If you do your are the problen.


Ditto the above. Gab - can get on but glacial. Parler is unavailable.

Jess said...

With the attempt to silence dissension, big tech doesn't realize all their employees aren't mindless minions without opinions, or beliefs. That, and they have lost revenue, which leads to reductions in the workforce. People will move to other sites, including those the seditionist tech companies want to censor. They've given strength to their enemies, and their enemies will end up with their brightest, and most capable employees.

Monty James said...

Torba said that Gab got 600,000 new users yesterday. Maybe they're scrambling to add new hardware.

Jess said...

Gab is looking for more servers.

SWVAguy said...

You're right Monty. GAB's getting a huge number of new subscribers. Torba said it was greater than the population of Boston yesterday. Just tried logging on. Slow, if it ever does load and there have been numerous "down for maintenance notices all day.



I don't recall where I saw it - IIRC Vox Day but I am not sure - "SJWs don't care about making a profit - they want to make a difference".

We need to grasp that this is, to them, their MISSION: converting the heathen.

And IMHO anyone from those companies is suspect. I don't care about how hot they are as a software person.

Unknown said...

Committees of Correspondence supported by couriers driving from location to location.