Sunday, January 10, 2021

Cold-blooded murder.

Was Ashli Babbitt shot by the Secret Service detail of Trump's right-hand man? Hold that thought.

Mortal danger to the killer? None. Any kind of danger to him? None whatsoever.


Divemedic said...

Every time you try to point this out to anyone, leftists come forward and say "no different than what BLM was fighting for" or some other nonsense about how she deserved it because terrorism/insurrection/treason. You can't explain this to the left any more than you can explain other self defense shootings, because they don't understand use of force laws at all.

I don't know if they are incapable of rational thought, or if they are deliberately obtuse, but it is just an impossible topic on which to have a discussion.

Ed Bonderenka said...

She was breaking through a lawful barricade into a restricted area with a backpack that could have weapons or explosives..
I'm sorry for the loss, but I will shoot anyone breaking through a window in my house.

Divemedic said...

Are you sure that you want that standard enforced? So the police can kill anyone who is trespassing in or on government property?

My guess is that you don't know shit about the laws concerning when force, including lethal force, can be used. (I have news for you- someone carrying a backpack while trespassing isn't it.)

Ed Bonderenka said...

That was no mere trespassing.
It was in the context of an attack, fomented by Antifa agents.
Acting like an Antifa agent.
Busting through a locked door and window is more than trespassing.

But, you're right. I'm not a lawyer.
Thanks for your civil reply.