Saturday, January 23, 2021

More Cr@p from the Educational Nazis

I like City Journal - they have long, thoughtful, and well-researched stories.

This one is about a Diversity Training in the Southern state of Missouri. In my experience, this is Leftist indoctrination brought in - in most cases - by White Women, often whose origins are in the North. The Native Southerners really hate this stuff - both Black and White.

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George True said...

I was born and grew to adulthood in Missouri, in a suburban area of St Louis. We always considered Missouri as having been part of the Union during the Civil War. Jefferson Barracks, located just South of St Louis, was an important Federal (Union) arsenal during the conflict.

Of course, the Mason-Dixon line, separating Union from Confederacy, ran through Southern Missouri. And parts of Missouri, primarily South of the Mason-Dixon line and in the Western edge of the state where it borders Kansas, were hotbeds of Abolitionist and Anti-Union activity.

As for the Marxist, anti-White, anti-Christian, and Anti-American revisionist history that is being taught in schools, that must be fought tooth-and-nail wherever it is encountered. As the Communist left would say, get in their faces big-time and every time.

Parents need to prepare their kids ahead of time. Explain to them the lies they are going to hear. Furthermore, explain to them WHY these things are lies, and what the actual truth is. Coach them and help them rehearse factual, truthful, and unassailable responses to the lies they will hear. And then tell them to speak out when they are told these lies by teachers or 'diversity trainers'. Assure them that you will have their back 100% for speaking truth to power.

If every so-called 'diversity' session is disrupted by at least one and hopefully several truth telling students, it will make it much harder to indoctrinate students with this Marxist ideology, and will also inform the unprepared kids that they are being fed bullshit.

Once entire classrooms of kids become aware that they are being fed lies about this one topic, then perhaps their bullshit detectors will become turned on all the time on all subjects they are being taught. That would be a very, very good thing.