Thursday, January 14, 2021

Something to Specifically AVOID on January 20

This Celeb-Waste-of-Time.

Look at the extent to which they are pulling out ALL the stops.

All channels carrying it - just like the Old Days, when, if the President wanted to address the nation, you HAD to watch it. No other alternatives.

Well, that is not happening in today's America. We have alternatives. Blogs, videos that are NOT Biden, Gab-ing - the list is wide.

Assuming that the alternatives are NOT unavailable, you can easily avoid that self-pleasuring show.

And, just in case, you might want to DOWNLOAD some alternative entertainment, that could be viewed OFFLINE - video, books, games. I'm not that certain that they won't try to block alternatives to the coronation of Our Glorious New Leaders.


Mike Guenther said...

With these Hi-Def smart tvs everyone has now, who's to say they won't know if you don't watch, and it effects your new social credit score. /sarc

Stuart said...

No TV. Read a book. I'm reading "The Grey Man" series by old NFO. Quite readable and appropriate for these times.

Marty said...

Old pre war to early post war movies on Roku for YouTube, those and tv shows from the 50s and early pretty, much all I ever watch anyway

Andy5759 said...

If the interweb thingy don't work I've got a book or three in my pile. If everything is up and running there's bound to be some sports to watch and some beer to drink. I just miss my friends. Someone asked his doctor when the cv will end, doctor said don't ask me, I'm not a politician. Stay safe over there. Avoid crowds, as dear Ol' Remus would have said.

Linda Fox said...

Well, it's 'Hump Day', so maybe we ought break out some Camels (I kid - I don't smoke anymore).
Let's start new tradition - use Inauguration Day as a Gun Cleaning, Oiling, and Target Practice Day.
Get one of those laser dry-fire practice things - not expensive, and saves a ton on ammunition.
Which, some Americans might need in the near future.