Saturday, January 23, 2021

Totalitarian Rule - How it Happens

I found this breakdown of how it has happened at other times (and, yes, including the Nazi Era). It certainly gave me a different perspective.

People may forget - yes, there were directives or edicts that aimed to move the German society in the direction of the Nazis wishes.

But, a lot of the implementation depended on the actions of a few - brownshirts, who caused public chaos, the neighbors, who would report those violating rules, and business, who ignored blatant abuses - all for the sake of a smooth-running business.

It took a lot of people who either feared the consequences of speaking out, or were greedy to profit at the expense of those others who'd been caught up in the Nazi maw.

Like those who won't defend people who've been Cancelled - because, you know, they want to express really ooky ideas.

Like those who won't speak out at work against policies that violate their conscience - because, they realy NEED that job.

Like those that advise their kids to just suck it up and tell the teacher what she wants to hear.

That see evidence of anti-Deplorable action, and turn their heads away.

That cave, little by little, until they look around, and see no one that would speak up for them.



What's that statement, first they came for...?

My older one got in some hot water in their brief stint in the public school (they're back in private school for multiple reasons) for saying "Climate change is stoooopid"! :D

Last night after picking them up from gymnastics they said "You know when you criticized the TV show 'The Owl House' and it's two girls who loved each other? I think you are against gays".

Me (threading the needle): I am not against gays. If two ADULTS choose to be gay and in a relationship, that's their choice and business. We have free will. What I object to is a CHILDREN'S SHOW attempting to portray it as normal.

Linda Fox said...

Nicely stated.
It's going to be a long process, that deprogramming of the Left.

Pascal said...

Willful blindness by significant numbers has aided monstrous advances this time, and probably did in the past as well.

I've asked liberals to ponder the question: "solely removing all nationalist sentiment, what would fascism look like?" I have yet to get a single answer. It does not seem to matter how I form the question.

Try it Linda, using any approach you can think of. Global fascism that aligns forces and uses tactics modeled by the Nazis but lacks the appeal to nationalism should not be that hard to expose.

I'm sure you'll report back should you discover an approach that gets past those blinders.