Thursday, January 7, 2021

Nice People (UPDATED)

Two all-important checklists:

1. Nice People Dos:

  • Nice people do as the police tell them.
  • Nice people are always polite and orderly.
  • Nice people conform to the dictates of the law.
  • Nice people accept the authority of elected officials.
  • Nice people petition peaceably for a redress of grievances – and if denied, they go home quietly.

2. Nice People Don’ts:

  • Nice people don’t accuse others of lying or cheating.
  • Nice people don’t defy properly constituted authority.
  • Nice people don’t condemn those who have wronged them.
  • Nice people don’t form mobs and go about demanding justice.
  • Nice people don’t tar and feather their oppressors and run them out of town on a rail.

     Remember these lists. There’ll be a test on them later.

     A little C. S. Lewis always goes down well at times like this:

     “Come in,” said Dimble in his rooms at Northumberland. “Oh, it’s you, Studdock,” he added as the door opened. “Come in.”
     “I’ve come to ask about Jane,” said Mark. “Do you know where she is ?”
     “I can’t give you her address, I’m afraid,” said Dimble.
     “Do you mean you don’t know it? “
     “I can’t give it,” said Dimble….
     “What do you mean?” he asked. “I don't understand.”
     “If you have any regard for your wife's safety you will not ask me to tell you where she has gone,” said Dimble.
     “Safety from what?”
     “Don't you know what has happened?”
     "What's happened?"
     “On the night of the riot the Institutional Police attempted to arrest her. She escaped, but not before they had tortured her.”
     “Tortured her? What do you mean? “
     “Burned her with cigars.”
     “That's what I've come about,” said Mark. “Jane–I'm afraid she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. That didn't really happen, you know.”
     “The doctor who dressed the burns thinks otherwise.”
     “Great Scott!” said Mark. “So they really did? But, look here...”
     Under the quiet stare of Dimble he found it difficult to speak.
     “Why have I not been told about this outrage?” he shouted.
     “By your colleagues?” asked Dimble dryly. “It is an odd question to ask me. You ought to understand the workings of the N.I.C.E. better than I do.”
     “Why didn't you tell me? Why has nothing been done about it? Have you been to the police?”
     “The Institutional Police?”
     “No, the ordinary police.”
     “Do you really not know that there are no ordinary police left in Edgestow?”
     “I suppose there are some magistrates.”
     “There is the Emergency Commissioner, Lord Feverstone. You seem to misunderstand. This is a conquered and occupied city.”

     [From That Hideous Strength]

     If Dimble were an American citizen alive today, he would be speaking of Washington D.C., our nation’s soi disant capital city. That story ended with a Divine intervention. We might not be so lucky.

     God does help those who help themselves, don’t y’know.

     Yes, I’m in a bad mood, if so mild a phrase applies to a state of mind that contemplates mass assaults and bombings of government facilities nationwide. The presidential election was stolen. Two elections for United States Senate have been stolen. Other elections, for other offices, were probably stolen, though the ones I’ve just mentioned have received all the coverage.

     The last vestige of legitimacy provided by electoral mechanisms has been ripped away from government in these United States. And our would-be conquerors demand that we sit quietly and accept it.

     Many will do exactly that, especially as the police have shown a demonstrable partiality toward the conquerors. The events of yesterday make that perfectly clear. And nice people always do as the police tell them.

     Political authority in these United States has dismissed the constraints of the Constitution for many decades. Nice people, unwilling to make a fuss, have gone along with it. Some have adjusted their behavior. Others have found ways to “play the angles.” Still others have “gotten into the game,” maneuvered for control of the levers of power, and have used them for their own purposes. After all, in America the political game is “open;” anyone can play.

     The dynamic of politics and the nature of power have caused political authority to move into ever more concentrated, ever more ruthless circles: circles utterly devoid of nice people, though some of their denizens are adept at faking it.

     Those non-nice people have a terrible weapon to use in our subjugation. It’s a weapon we have put into their hands: our niceness. They’re banking on Americans’ love of peace and order. They hope and expect that our niceness, and what it demands of us, will keep us from mounting any but a shallow resistance to their usurpations.

     Given the events of November 3 and January 5, it’s time to invert the checklists in the opening segment: i.e., to stop being nice people.

     God forbid we should be twenty years without a rebellion. What country can preserve its liberties if the rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? – Thomas Jefferson

     It’s been a lot longer than twenty years.

     Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved of any further obedience, and are left to the common refuge which God hath provided for all men against force and violence. – John Locke

     Verbum sat sapienti. Oh, and do have a nice day.

     UPDATE: Have a few words from Ragin' Dave:

     You shut down people's speech. You commit blatant fraud during the election, and when people try to deal with that the right way (i.e. through the courts) the courts dismiss the lawsuits either because of "standing" or by saying "Well, too late for you to file this now!" You've taken away the soap box, the ballot box and the jury box.

     In the meantime, the Left gets to run rampant, burn down cities, attack people on the right, literally attack them in public, violate the law multiple times over, riot at the drop of a hat, and what happens to them? Nothing. Not a damn thing....

     Did the powers that be think that we the people weren't watching?

     Possibly. More likely they're counting on our remaining passive and accepting subjugation. Either way, all the chips are in the middle of the table now.


Linda Fox said...

Like that last sentence.

The thing is, too many people are caught up in the idea that non-Leftists are, in fact, nice. The beautiful thing about the protest is that they learned that not all of us are.

My husband was aghast at the open show of defiance. I simply said, "Some people are really angry about the way this election was conducted."

He wanted to engage in a discussion. I said nothing.

Eventually, he may begin to understand that the Deplorables (not the Officially GOP ones - they are hopeless) - those that are not-Elite, nor even Wanna-Be's, those that don't have powerful friends helping them to a soft landing, those that just want to see an honest vote - EVEN IF IT MEANT THAT THEY WOULD LOSE.

Think of that. The Deplorables would accept an HONEST LOSS.

But, they are furious about the blatant dishonesty of this election.

It may take a few - or more - rounds of this kind of action before they have to think about the corruption, fraud, and abuse they have permitted to stand, just because it left them in charge. I do hope they aren't slow learners - it could get nasty.


I, too, would accept an honest loss. Not be happy about it, but... would accept it. But watching this election cycle, I am more and more convinced that prior cycles were corrupted too.

Bob said...

You know, I've been in a very sour mood lately. I became aware of that more so this morning as I was shopping online for more rifle magazines. My wife, who's always been a middle of the road gal, told me she voted for Biden. It didn't surprise me much because no matter how much I tried to educate her on the BLM goon club, she was squarely in favor of the whole movement, though she didn't favor the violence associated with them,but still there was plenty of evidence to educate her with concerning their ideology, but she kept saying I didn't know what I was talking about. Couple that with her muffled musings in my presence lately, by telling me to just accept that Trump lost fair & square. She has expressed a lot of contempt lately regarding my opinions. I'm a die hard non party affiliated conservative. She's always known that. Politics never played any role in our relationship. The last time we had an argument over politics was probably 6 years ago re the whole Treyvon Martin shooting. It was a vicious argument. We were on opposite ends. I decided never to bring anything like that up again. We have a great marriage, otherwise. But lately she's been mouthing off under her breath in earshot of me about how finally "people like me just need to shut up & accept things. You lost." Excuse me? I wanted to tell her the guy she married is the one who is pretty much every -ism in the book according to her MSN newsfeed; racist, sexist, white supremacist, etc. I've held my tongue. Yet, she is doing her internalized victory dance & every now and then it's escaping in my presence. She has recently belittled me when I mentioned that every firearm I own is Joe's ban list & I no intention of registering or turning in any of it. She tells I'm being paranoid & crazy. We've recently discussed moving away from the city into the middle of our state (Florida), essentially into red county territory. We both want out of where we are, but oddly enough she starts with "if the welcome includes burning crosses on the lawn & a bunch of hicks flying Trump flags..." Huh? WTF? Hey, babe, everything away from the cities is solid red...and affordable," I told her. Funny that because she wanted me to move to Baton Rouge. Anyway, we still have a solid marriage but I guess she's been so isolated ever since the covid-19 nonsense, that she's losing focus. I've been spending more time out in the sticks rucking by myself, doing something training, & assessing my positions & where I stand. I'm too old to change, too independent in mind to shut up & submit to what seems to be approaching. Made my list of last preps. Stuff we may need.Almost there. But I'm angry after watching what happened on January 6th. That young gal murdered by some DC goon. I'm even more angry now because as I'm typing this Uncle Joe interrupted Rush & I can't stand to hear that moron lie. If he wants to fly the black flag, I'm game.

boron said...

Every news outflow is blaming "the raging Trump mob" but I'd be willing to bet dollars to donuts that the ones inciting the "mob" to a frenzy, the ones in the vanguard were Antifa tigers dressed as sheep. It's not going to come out immediately, probably have to wait 10 - 15 years, but come out it will; these are not the sort of people who will be able to, in the long haul, keep quiet about their "accomplishments."



Have I run into real anti-Semitism? Yes. Here in NH.

Meanwhile - and I won't recount the full anecdotes; done that here before - I never felt threatened in "deepest darkest red territory" even with a kippa on.

Historian said...

I was there. I heard at least some of the people apparently involved in breaching the Capitol talking about it on the radio. I don't know if they were Antifa/BLM or FreeFor and at this point it matters not. The movement from the Ellipse to the Capitol before 1 pm was the result of Pence's refusal to throw out the fraudulent EC votes, the fact that Trump was verbally meandering about without any firm call for action,and the awareness that the deadline for a vote was coming up and this was their last chance to make their point more or less peacefully. Anger, yes. Determination, yes. Lots of uncoordinated actions by thousands of small groups, yes. No "raging mob."

Congress and the 4th branch have not seen an enraged group yet, but I am very much afraid that they will soon, if some of the attendees that spoke to me yesterday are to be believed. Given that many of these were veterans who take their oaths seriously, I am inclined to think that they meant what they said. We shall see.

With regard to all who seek and defend the Light,