Wednesday, January 20, 2021

UPDATE - Bill Gates Wins RL Farmville Game, And WE LOSE!

Guess he got addicted to that Facebook Farmville app and decided to win IRL.

Also, just noticed that today - 1/20/2021 - is a palindrome.

After I finally, really woke today (I went back to be after I posted this) I started to actually think about the aim of this takeover of land.

Gates will partner with the Big Food Companies, getting a good-sized foothold in the marketplace. Not a monopoly, but near.

SUDDENLY, a virus will be discovered, that is a DANGER to the food supply. It will be carried by seeds - EXCEPT for the seeds of a single hybrid! Which will be available, at first, from a single company (or, perhaps, SEVERAL of the largest companies).

Strictly because of this EMERGENCY, the government of Biden-Harris - VERY RELUCTANTLY - will be forced to OUTLAW use of any other variety for these plants. Violators will be fined, and - if they CHOOSE to use UNAPPROVED SEEDS (the heirloom kind that can be saved and re-used) - THEIR FARMS will be forfeited to COMPLIANT NON-KULAKS.

TPTB MAY carve out an exception for a few groups (the Amish and others), but probably not. They will likely be forced to stop using the heritage techniques of their community, and become dependent on the public.

Protesters will be met with force (WHAT a surprise!). It will be illegal to have a garden that uses non-approved seeds. If resistance in a group (perhaps those White Supremacists?) is great, ANY garden activity will become illegal.

Problem solved. No more unapproved sources of food.

Or, for that matter, pot. The USA will start importing from Mexico, only the finest hybrid-seed pot. That will eliminate a source of income for Non-Party dissidents.

I haven't figure out just how they are going to shut down home distilling/brewing, but - considering that the products are made with substances derived from seeds - I imagine they will figure out a way.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

That amount of farmland is less than 2% of his current net worth.

Divemedic said...

I don't know where they got those figures, but the Deseret Ranch in Florida is over 300,000 acres. Only the government owns more Florida land than does the Mormon church.

Mike Smith said...

On the road to agenda 2030 where you will own nothing and you will love it, Gates realized Bezos was winning the farmland game. Food is the ultimate tool of control. Prepare accordingly.