Friday, January 1, 2021

One Rule for Us, Another for Them

 I couldn’t stop reading these. Yes, they are that obvious.


Pascal said...

Good find Linda. Thanks.


You need to grasp - a charge of hypocrisy will not stick to any such Leftist because for that to work, you need to be shamed in front of people about whose views you care.

Since the Left thinks we're pond scum, our opinions don't count. The only opinions that count to the Left are those from the Left, and they only care about POWER not about honor, decency, etc.

Linda Fox said...

You're correct about our opinion not counting, but this is a two-pronged effort:
(1) Collect evidence of the hypocrisy for the Normals, which will lead them to not give their orders the obedience they expect.
(2) Collect evidence of their flouting Leftist rules; that will allow the Scolds to issue forth with their braying. Let the Left punish their Leftist transgressions.