Thursday, January 14, 2021


     The Fortress is having its entire heating and hot water system replaced today, which will make it a cold, waterless, generally difficult period here. Moreover, the work is scheduled to begin early, just an hour or two from now. So rather than blather in my usual fashion, allow me to present a few links and two highly instructive graphics.

     First, the links:

     All good stuff, and all highly relevant to our current situation. But what nails it down are these two graphics, which have appeared at several other sites – enough so that I can no longer remember from whom I stole them:


     Ponder it all. And do have a nice day.

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Linda Fox said...

Funny, I'd noticed those exact same graphics.
Several things occur to me:
- They can hit all the media sites, and say, "SEE? His illegal behavior was why he was impeached". They will use this as 'proof' that he is 'guilty' of insurrection.
The fact that an impeachment is NOT a trial, nor should the charges be used that way, is lost on the majority of the public. It was meant to be PR for their Narrative (Lord, I'm getting to HATE that term, but there is no other, aside from Leftist Lies and Smears).
- They can use it as a way of warding off future activities. Is it POSSIBLE that they could pick up a Senate trial, should Trump be returned in 2024? Well, no, not legally and Constitutionally, but when has that ever stopped them?
- They used it to nail GOP legislators to a position. They will use that support of the President in the next election. (And, I think that tactic will be a BIG loser - I don't see a vote against Impeachment being a black mark).
- It was used to provide a specious rationale for kicking the President - and his supporters - off social media. Not gonna work - you can't put the cork back in the bottle, and declare it's just like unopened.

The GOOD thing about this: it's brought the viciousness, smears, dirty fighting, and behind-the-scenes support out in the open. Finally, people have been pushed to pick a side - and, judging from the loss of FB and Twitter accounts, and the rise of Parler and Gab, they're NOT picking the side of the Left.

Getting Normals off social media is a blessing. With that freed-up time, we can prepare, organize, and find other ways to communicate. I'm going to be downloading my email lists into a spreadsheet, and sending messages to them that I'd like to have alternative ways to communicate - physical address, phone number, call sign for ham, whatever.

Then, get off those non-secure accounts. Move my presence to something else - Protonmail, personal host account, whatever. I'm going to start working on a video/podcast, that can be sent/downloaded whether or not I have other communications.

In other words, I'm going to the mattresses.