Sunday, January 10, 2021

It's Scary to Think WE'RE IT!

The only source of honest reporting that stands between the Left and the Public.

Look, I know we get the story wrong (in whole or in part) at times. Unlike a major news bureau, we are quite literally the Guys in Pajamas (at least today). Most of us work at it, unpaid or very poorly compensated. We don't have the pull to get the Elite to talk to us directly.

And, yet, by paying attention to the smaller stories, reading voraciously, and checking current statements from the Left with their prior actions, the Blogs have kept the Pravda from having their way without opposition.

Jim Treacher's latest story on PJ Media is an example - he points out - correctly - that the media deliberately buried the facts on the story about an assassination attempt on Biden.

It wasn't a Trump supporter. It was a Bernie Bro.

Twisting, Lying, Spewing Propaganda - all are in full implementation at present. And, the widespread effort to keep Trump from having a platform is likely to succeed, absent some assistance from every one of us.

Like this story about the source of the 'incitement to enter the Capitol' - NOT Trump, but a Far-Left group. I doubt you will hear it on the televised news (and, given the rapid disappearance of print sources, that's the only news around, other than the internet reporting - which, VERY COINCIDENTALLY, is being blocked by the Tech Giants who JUST HAPPEN to support Biden).

Google those names - John Sullivan and Insurgence USA - and don't let them slide into the Memory Hole.

BTW, download a copy of Orwell's 1984 - don't use the Amazon copy - it's been 'Un-Booked' before.

Do a search for a pdf, and save it on a flash drive. Future USAians may need to know how it happened.

The government cannot outsource the deplatforming and banning of free speech/press. Yet, in effect, that is what the FAANGs, in collusion with the financial industry, have facilitated. I seem to remember a government going after private companies that limited civil rights of American citizens.

What WAS that government?

This is not new. Businesses that fear a government crackdown, will gladly act in ways that the government is forbidden to do. The Tech companies are jumping into action to prevent Trump, or his supporters, from expressing their opinions - all absent a violation of their Terms of Service.

It's based on a twisted interpretation of Hate Speech. Read the Liberty Unyielding post in entirety - it makes the violation clear.

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daniel_day said...

"Read the Liberty Unyielding post in entirety"
Sorry, you lost me there. Where is the Liberty Unyielding post?