Saturday, January 23, 2021

Loyalty Oaths from the Military

I'm opposed. I agree with Ace, this smacks of a fraudulently elected, Banana Republic president's concern about the possibility of his country's military having a Higher Loyalty to the Constitution.

...that has NEVER been the way we do things in this country. When you join any branch of our armed forces, you don't sign a loyalty oath to the president or any elected-official, you sign an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, period. That should be sufficient. The fact that it is apparently not sufficient enough for the incoming Biden administration speaks volumes.

I'm old enough to have seen some cheats, grifters, cons, politicians, and other assorted crooked knaves. This is just the sort of behavior that would have my Mom Antenna swivelling madly, sure that my Dearly Loved Offspring are lying their asses off, again.

There's a reason for the old answer to a question:

How do you know that a teenager is lying?

is answered by:

His/her/zir lips are moving

Same is true for Leftists. They lie, they lie, they lie. Just about every word coming out of their lying mouth is a lie.

Now, please remember: someone who votes Left is not necessarily a Leftist. Sometimes, they're just another sheep following the flock.

Women - and Women-ish Men, are particularly prone to this. They assume that what their flock's leaders are saying is, at a minimum, BASED on truth. In that, they are wrong.

But, they aren't lying, merely repeating a lie, that they believe to be the truth. They TRUST the people telling them those lies. They seem so relatable, so polished, so respectful of their culture.

How the hell do you uproot that nest of misinformation, and restore them to normal thinking capacity?

If I had that answer, I wouldn't be surrounded by my loving family, just about all buying into the Leftist Line.

They are - at heart - good people - generous, hard-working, living in a Godly manner (no matter what their religious beliefs). They wouldn't commit a crime for any reason. They focus on their family and neighbors. They obey the traffic and other laws (I'm not as good about obeying the speed limit - I regularly exceed it).

They pay their taxes (although, they DO take advantage of any allowable deductions to minimize them).

They vote - unfortunately, for Dems. But, they only vote ONCE, so there is that.

But, no matter what I posted on social media, no matter what I said, or how careful I was to focus on logical reasoning, they had closed their minds to the possibility of any deviation from the Officially Accepted Truth, According to the Left.

The BEST I could squeeze out of them is that they thought the riots that took over cities and burned the businesses of small entrepreneurs were bad, and should stop. In that, they are much like the rest of the country.

I'm thinking that we who want/need to affect the thinking/emotions of those in thrall to the Left, need to change tactics. We need to begin looking for ways to treat this like an egg stuck in the pan - first, remove the heat. Then, chisel around the edges, very gently. Move around the pan, easing up under the egg, careful not to go too fast, lest you break the yolk. Back and forth, moving when you encounter serious resistance, and tackling the job from another position.

Eventually, the egg will be able to be lifted, without breaking. Of course, by that time, it may be stone cold and inedible.

But whole.

Whatta you think?



I have a patriot friend in Canada who has observed that many Leftists are narcissists and/or psychopaths and, in conjunction with my own observations which I've expounded upon many times, are obsessed NOT with who they are, but in how others view them.

This is one reason why they so steadfastly move in lockstep. If one strays, even a little, the rest turn on them to bring them back into line.

E.g., in watching multiple #walkaway videos, amongst several common threads many videos discussed was how their friends and families would immediately turn on them, browbeat them, gaslight them, and ultimately - if they did not RECANT - turn their backs utterly.

And recant is the right word. To the Leftist, this is their FAITH.

Until we view this not as a reasoned argument, not as a polite debate, but as a religious war, we cannot make progress.

FredLewers said...

At this point, the idealogically blinded useful idiots will not be swayed. They will not give up their delusions until they're sitting amidst the ashes of their ruined life, staring in disbelief as the Trumpkins destroy the system they sold their soul to.
And they'll still blame us because we weren't the naive sheep they wanted us to be...
Utter fools. Don't bother chasing them or debating them. Ignore them completely. When they show up at your door in rags and ruin, give them no sympathy, empathy or pity. Some people INSIST on learning life's lessons the hard way.


This is cut n pasted from an email I sent to a politically-conservative Jewish friend.

--- begin ---

Steven Crowder did a great video where he got people who thought Trump was a racist and called Nazis "fine people" to view more video:

MYTH BUSTED: Did Trump Praise Nazis as “Very Fine People”? | Louder with Crowder - YouTube

What's fascinating to me is how these people, when faced with ACTUAL VIDEO that contradicts their cherished belief, don't let that new information in but cling to what makes them feel good about themselves. Another here:

Trump’s full statement on the violence in Charlottesville - YouTube

It brings to mind this quote:

"Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief."- Frantz Fanon

These people have cemented their opposition to Trump, in part, based on their view of him as a racist. This view is foundational to their belief in themselves as GOOD PEOPLE, because all good people should oppose racists, right? Yet, when confronted with actual evidence that view is - at the absolute least - not as sure as they believe, they'd rather cling to that belief than change.

Yuri B. was right.

Until we "crack the code" on how to disconnect the emotional attachment to specific beliefs, we cannot change minds.

--- end ---

And when the balloon goes up, and I tremble at the fact I said WHEN, there will be only one way to change minds. To quote what I saw as a "Norse proverb" - A cleaved skull no longer plots.

Tar said...

As for the "Normie Lefties", I have had a similar experience in my own circles - they disapprove of the riots (or at least the Boomers do), but refuse to see things outside of the Approved Leftist Narrative. All of the mainstream news channels spit exactly the same talking points and opinions, and thus they have the illusion that there is unanimous consent. Plus there's the "candy" of being given free license to take cheap shots at Trump and anyone associated with or approving of the same.

The lodestars of their moral compass appear to be Comfort, Convenience and Avoidance of Conflict ("Niceness"). If it makes them uncomfortable and it's a lot of work and it would get them into conflict with others, they avoid it like the plague. Thus, they will absolutely not do the hard work of researching what's really going on, as it's high risk, negative rewards as far as they're concerned. Likewise, they are or will be easily manipulated to ostracize those with Wrongthink to stay in the good graces of those infected by the Approved Leftist Narrative.

My only hope is that The Usual Suspects will now, in their current desperation to lock things down, "jump the shark" so hard that even the mainstream press can't conceal what's going on, and it "breaks their suspension of disbelief". This will probably happen when adherence to the Party Line badly threatens their Comfort and Convenience, and/or Avoidance of Conflict ("Niceness") is no longer an option. My guess is that when the economy collapses as it's bound to do the way the frauds have been running it, and it "breaks everybody's rice bowls", the elite scrambling to protect their rice bowls (and abandoning the rest) will be the proverbial last straw.

It is then that I expect that they will suddenly cast around looking for those "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass" people in their lives. They'll need them to take their responsibilities for them and do the Not-So-Nice, Difficult and Uncomfortable work that will desperately need to be done... Of course, most of those people tend to be Conservative. Let us hope, for their sakes, that enough of those people are still around when that happens, and that they haven't burned all their bridges. Lord knows after all they've put us through, we'll probably have certain conditions...