Tuesday, January 26, 2021

They Don't Seem to Realize They're Admitting the Crime

The Left spent 4 years screamng that Donald Trump was "Not MY President" (and change - they were proclaiming this even before he was inaugurated).

They went so far as to impeach him, and try him in the Senate - at which point, he was acquitted.

They bided their time, ran their Muppet-Wannabe Biden, and lost. But, then, by virtue of holding their breath until they turned blue, getting their allies in the media to prematurely declare, and using both quasi-legal maneuvers, abbreviated hearings (practically ignored by the media), and questionable court decisions NOT to intervene, got their Muppet installed in office.

They had pre-emptively impeached Trump before he left Washington, while he was still president - with the shameful collusion of the RINO contingent.

Now, they have taken the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate, with pomp and cameras, determined to vanquish the Trump-Beast, at last.

What they have forgotten:

Impeachment is reserved SOLELY for removal of legally elected office-holders from those offices.

If Trump can be impeached, he must be the legally-elected President.

So, he is right, that he was elected President in 2020. Not Biden - the FICUS (Fraud-in-Chief-of-the-United-States).

Further discussions of the extra-legal shenanigans of this Congress:

In Ann Althouse - some very good comments, as well - points that I had not considered.

From a legal blog - what is a Bill of Attainder? One positive aspect to this Leftist crap, it gives high school teachers of Government classes something current to hang discussions of antiquated concepts upon.

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