Friday, January 22, 2021

Conversations 2021-01-22

     Just a moment ago, the C.S.O. declared her intention to have meatball heroes for tonight’s dinner. Thereupon, she went to our freezer and extracted from it a loaf of Italian bread and a bag that contained four meatballs. She proceeded thence to arrange two meatballs and half a loaf of the aforementioned bread on each of two plates. And the conversation proceeded thus:

FWP: Thus are the limits of the ancient wisdom revealed.
CSO: Huh?

FWP: Well, each of us is getting two meatballs and a hunk of bread, right?
CSO: Yeah, so?

FWP: That clarifies the scope of an old, well known bit of folklore.
CSO: What are you thinking of?

FWP: “You get no bread with one meatball.”
CSO: (scowls in disgust) Oh, for... (unprintable)

     Sometimes I wonder how I’ve lived this long.

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