Wednesday, January 27, 2021

HOT FLASH: As Of Today...

Liberty’s Torch V2.0 is now the main site.

     This site will be for archival purposes only. So:

  • To our Gentle Readers: Please edit your bookmarks.
  • To other sites that blogroll us: Please edit your blogrolls.
  • To my Co-Conspirators: Get with the program! Start posting at the V2.0 site!

     I'll take a full backup of this site late this afternoon. Moving the contents to Liberty’s Torch V2.0 may present some challenges, but we shall see.



boron said...

Done! I'll recheck this evening to make certain I won't miss anything. Read your postings every day. don't necessarily agree with everything, but you do bring up interesting topics.

Pipeman said...

The new web name makes my mind harken back to F-Troop’s Larry Storch. How I miss simply amusing TV.