Sunday, January 17, 2021

"Auditing" the Election

No they did NOT audit the election - they didn't even make a pretence of doing so.

Larry Correia, an actual accountant who has seen many audits, explains it all to you. I can't possibly do his explanation justice, so just follow the link.

And, for those who are on the So-Shall Media sites, put a link or two there. Maybe his words will make a dent in the Rampant Stupidity of the Left and Their Allies (I WISH!).

As for the rest of us, enjoy the last relatively calm weekend before The Deluge of Hate and Stupid that will follow. Oil your guns. Plan your garden. Inventory your provisions. Buy those critical parts that will keep your homestead running in a prolonged siege.

And don't forget to download all books/information you want to keep, should you lose the internet or some parts of it. Having a Kindle is good (for me, with a weak wrist, it has been a blessing). But, as the long-ago incident with 1984 being removed by Amazon - a paid-for book that was legally bought - proved, you really DON'T own an e-book. You just have the use of it on their platform, IF they deem it acceptable.

Where possible, get a hard copy of anything essential. Make sure that you download for offline reading, if you can (some of the licenses allow this). There are some programs that are said to do it for you, but the links I've clicked on seem (mostly) to be dead. Here's one that is said to work (I haven't tested it yet). Let me know of your experience in the comments, if you have tried it.

Here's some ideas for other programs that do the same.



I have heard of instances of Kindle books being pulled off your device for various reasons.

MarcusZ1967 said...

I've used Calibre for years and am very satisfied with it!

Mike Smith said...

Read "Industrial Socie5ty and it's Future"

Written in 19945, it explains the effects of social media.

Mike Doyle said...

Yes. If anyone else can gain access to it and alter it, it's no longer trustworthy. Jerry Pournelle even used it as a plot device in his CoDominium stories, IIRC. (The government manipulated research by creative editing of databases and online reference texts, on the grounds that they didn't dare risk letting someone discover something that might upsetthe status quo...)

Much more clumsily executed in real life than in fiction, it seems, but the bottom line remains the same: if your work depends upon reference texts and data, KEEP HARD COPIES. Ink and paper- accept no substitutes.

My two cents...

Wayne said...

@Ryan, AKA The Unabomber Manifesto.

Linda Fox said...

Good to have some feedback on Calibre; I'll be testing it out over the next few weeks.