Sunday, August 26, 2018

Are the Elite Getting Close to Retribution?

It's nibbled away at the next level down for a while.

The younger ones have found that their Elite Privilege hasn't insulated them from all consequences. Some have been nipped at by the #MeToo movement. Some have experienced the reach from other countries/federations - China, the EU - that has forced them to curtail their Empires. They have not acted with absolute impunity in those other locations.

Only in America have they been secure to act without regard to government or public opinion. And, that security is only as good as their hold on the corridors of power.

Trump was the first volley. They responded with vicious propaganda - some based in reality, although exaggerated, other stories wholly made up. They were astounded when his supporters failed to act as they had in the past, by abandoning their resistance to the grip of the Entitled Elite.

They doubled down, with legal, or quasi-legal attacks on individuals and groups, shutting down the media and banking connections of the opposition, and using every facet of government to defeat their opposition. They cooly engineered smear campaigns against individuals, pressured (largely through their affiliates's actions) employers to fire dissenters, and those insufficiently in line with Leftist dogma. They began to confidently speak of a Blue Wave in the 2018 elections.

Will it happen? I wouldn't count on it, but it's going to be a hell of a fight from now until after the Election. If they can be made to decisively lose, it may cause them to begin to retreat, hoping to save their own ass - and assets. Don't forget, they have a lot to lose if the Real Resistance takes over. Their cushy ride on the backs of the Taxpayers may come to an end through:

  • Reduction - SERIOUS reduction of official government. The bureaucracy decimated, agencies working under reduced funding, and the legal leeches no longer able to be kept from street corners, begging for work.
  • Lost of jobs/programs downstream, as the states reduce their payrolls from no longer needing those hanging onto the coattails of the Feds - the paper-pushers, regulators, HR lackeys, and the formerly powerful Ladies Enforcing the Long Arm of Regulation (and overwhelmingly female contingent).
  • NGOs cut loose from the government teat - their ability to staff themselves with semi-professional workers eliminated.
  • Subsidized industries - energy, education, housing, and law - all cut loose.
I would expect that they will throw all the firepower - literal and figurative - at us over the next 3+ months that they can marshall. It's a last-ditch effort, a virtual Siege of Stalingrad. You might want to hide any guns/ammo/records that you can - even after they lose, they will attempt to use local and regional resources, along with any of the Deep State that remain, to take back their power. They will have nothing to lose, at that point, so expect the Last Days of the Left to get grimly ugly.

When everything is on the line, they won't lay down and cry. At least a few will take the attitude, if I'm going down, everything and everyone else is going down with me.


sykes.1 said...

We also need a massive cut in military spending, say one-half to two-thirds. And we need to bring the troops home, all of them, and cut loose our various allies.

Linda Fox said...

Check, and check.

The only people classified as military should be combat troops, and their DIRECT support (medical/nursing, transport/logistics in a combat location, communications). No paper pushers. No person not located in a combat zone, or near vicinity - if they are military, they should expect to spend most of their career in the field, preparing to, or getting rest from a recent deployment.

Most of the support positions should be de-militarized - filled by civilians. No military benefits, no special perks after service (special veteran's preferences in employment). Just a valued job, but NOT military. Contracted, if possible (not handling classified information).

Obama's boyfriend said...

The government doesn't work. Try and get a road repaired, street light fixed or new sewers. Not my job man. But there is always money for welfare, racists, and perverts.