Thursday, August 30, 2018

I'm Tired. REALLY Tired.

I'm still fighting a respiratory infection, complicated by my asthma. I've been (finally!) tackling cleaning the house - it's DESPERATELY needed it for several months. The cleaning has been slowed by the need to de-clutter. Every time either my husband or I returned from out of town, we dropped stuff, and never put it back properly.

And, last - but most important - I'm mind-bogglingly tired of the political attacks, attempts to torment revolution/resistance/violence/dissension. It's cluttered the web, social media, my telephone calls, television. Even the supposedly relaxing and NOT political cartoons, comedies, and public television is filled to the brim with not-so-hidden messages.

And, the message is always - you are an awful hate-filled racist, whose ONLY goal in life is to reimpose slavery on the non-White population.

For the Left, our every waking thought is how we can screw over other people.

I'm too busy to bother. I have a life. Which, I'm getting tired of wasting listening to idiots.

Time to turn off the TV.



Rest up, heal up.

You have to remember that to the Left, this is their Faith.

I remember back when I used to debate on the local newspaper comment section, any comment I'd make would be replied to within minutes. This is during the work day. And one time that sticks out in my mind: I had commented, and literally within five minutes one of my normal opponents had not just countered, but cited (with a link) a comment I'd made a year or two ago that "proved" I was a racist.

I remember thinking that this was some awfully fast searching... or that this particular moonbat actually kept a dossier on opponents. But this is their life.

You and I and us Normals have lives beyond politics. This IS their entire existence.

RM said...

Hi Linda, I'm sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Take a break and rest up. The insanity will still be right where you left it when you come back. Regarding your asthma, you might want to take a look at the Keto Diet. After only several days of keeping my carbs around 10 per day for the initial phase of the diet, my asthma improved by 98%. A good place to start is the website Diet Doctor and the documentary The Magic Pill. I also lost and have kept off 38 pounds.