Saturday, August 11, 2018

Infinite white tolerance for marginalization?

And what on earth makes anyone believe that a population constantly demonized as brutal and racist and whose achievements are assailed as the products of exploitation and violence would stand aside, allowing itself to be marginalized through immigration? Should it not be fairly obvious that at some point those horrible white people in America would simply choose to put a stop to the nation’s open-borders policies which have transformed the country from immigrants being a five percent share of the population in the 1970s to a current 14 percent share?
New amigos.
That [leftists' insulting the white majority] won’t continue when idiocy like intersectionality — white people are allowed to have an opinion only after people of other races have had their say, and only after going through a progression prioritizing the disabled over the abled, homosexual before straight, and transgendered before, er, gendered — or Critical Race Theory “black people can’t be racist” claptrap like that espoused by [Ezinne] Ukoha is the order of the day on the Left.
"A Most Expected Backlash." By Scott Hay, American Spectator, 8/10/18.

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