Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Center of the Storm - Bruce Ohr

For a person whose actions appear to be so central to the Fusion/Steele Memo/FBI Coverup/Leftist Take-Down/Russian Probe/Payback for Watergate/Progressive Wet Dream cluster****, Bruce Ohr's background appears to be largely unknown.

You can get the bare details from Wikipedia:

  • Born March 16, 1962
  • B.S. in Physics (Harvard)
  • Harvard Law degree
  • Worked briefly at a law firm in San Francisco - he was an associate, but did not make partner, and left after 3 years
  • Spent the rest of his career at the Dept. of Justice

Some particularly interesting stuff, which has been insufficiently examined:

He was an assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York from 1991 to 1999,[3] and was head of the office's Violent Gangs Unit before joining the Justice Department's Washington headquarters as the head of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the Criminal Division, where Ohr managed teams investigating and prosecuting crime syndicates in Russia and eastern Europe.[4]
All the above covers the time before the well-known activities that led to his demotion - framing and targeting Trump.

One of the judges who presided in the Southern District court during Ohr's service was Kimba Woods. Eye-opening is this:
In April 2018, Wood was assigned to preside over motions arising out of the search pursuant to warrant of the home and office of Michael Cohen, a personal attorney for Donald Trump.
Interesting that she was assigned such a politically related case, given her history with Bruce Ohr and the Clintons. COULD be considered something that she should have been recused for.

Louis Freeh's time in the Southern District, as a judge, did not coincide with Ohr's. However, Freeh was with the FBI during some very tumultuous times, including the years when Ohr worked in the DoJ. He investigated the Ruby Ridge atrocity, and his managerial actions were challenged. The recommendation to censure him for his acts was made by the Justice Dept., but not followed.

He also handled investigations into Waco, and the Khobar Towers bombing. That last investigation was mentioned in his book:
it was not until his last day in office, June 21, 2001, a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia returned a 46-count indictment against 14 defendants charged with the Khobar Towers attack.[21] This was just before some of the counts would have expired due to a five-year statute of limitations. In the book, Freeh maintains that he was obstructed by the Clinton Administration for political reasons in investigating the bombing and bringing the terrorists to justice.
Other controversial investigations included:

  • The explosion of TWA flight 800
  • The Centennial Olympic Park bombing
  • The Unabomber (not discovered by the FBI, but by his brother's action in turning him in)
  • Robert Hansen spy case (Russia)
  • Wen Ho Lee spy case (China)
  • 1996 campaign interference by China
  • Death of Vince Foster
  • Bungling of FBI in the OK City bomb investigation
Freeh's tenure in the FBI was characterized by rampart leaking of investigative details.

I would give a lot to be lurking around the Ohr testimony on all of this.

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