Thursday, August 16, 2018

Why the Right Is So Against Censorship

Or, its sister, Not-Government-Censorship - that coordinated action that is orchestrated by the Left.

It has to do with reality. Yes, it would be so great to think that if you just manage to Shut the Fascists Up, they would go away. Of course, this assumes that everyone you are targeting IS actually a Nazi, rather than someone who is saying things you disagree with.

The thing is, censorship/near-equivalents don't work.

They didn't in Germany in the 1930's - people managed to print 'underground' newspapers and leaflets, communicate through non-approved amateur radio, and talk out of hearing of the official peoples. Those actions were a major influence on the course of the war.

They didn't in the USSR. The anti-Communists laboriously typed out their manuscripts - or wrote them longhand - and circulated them with mimeo, hand-copying, and other means. They had a major impact, before the copying machine was able to be used.

The radicals of the 1960's distributed handouts, found friendly printers to allow them to self-publish, and organized illegal gatherings to get out their message. For a while, they had a major impact on the politics of this nation.

It's even harder today. Trying to control the Internet, let alone message boards, alternative social media, informal gatherings online and offline, self-published books, and the Dark Web, is nearly impossible.

So, why are the Leftists making desperate attempts to stem the tide?

Because, in the minds of the people, they are losing.

What's the Left's response? Increase the pressure. Organize to illegally restrain trade (yes, that is an illegal thing) by pressuring businesses to refuse to sell to those they disagree with.

Like Alex Jones.

This will NOT end well.

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