Monday, August 27, 2018

How to Determine Whether You are an Independent Thinker,

or whether you follow the crowd.

Most people like to think of themselves as a person who intelligently makes up his or her own mind. Someone who cooly examines the reasoning behind the issues, analyzes them, and selects their position - strictly from a logical, rational basis. Of course, guided by their moral thinking, as well.

They couldn't be someone who just blindly follows what they are told is the right way to think. That's for the OTHER side, those brain-dead, superstitious, followers of charismatic leaders.


Let's test this out. I put a link here to a site that shows some trending issues. After finishing the quiz, find out where you fall on the list. Are you truly middle of the road? Do you fall on one side or the other?

Very few of us follow the party line completely. I tend to side with the GOP or Independent factions, however, on the military/homeland security issues, I trend Libertarian.

The ones that I worry about are those that can't name an issue on which they differ from a party line. Those are the ones that are described here.

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daniel_day said...

They told me I fit with the Constitution Party (77%), the Republican Party (74%), and the Libertarian Party (67%). The DP was down at 23%.