Thursday, August 30, 2018

Quickies: To Embrace Evil

     First, something my Gentle Readers will consider “obvious:” There are evil people in the world, whose evil is demonstrated by their deeds.

     Second, something a little less “obvious:” He who knowingly defends evil is equally evil: an accomplice after the fact, if you will.

     Third and finally, what’s slowly becoming “obvious” even to the dimmest dimbulbs of the nation: A group whose policies include defending its evil members regardless of their deeds is evil itself.

     The Left, most notably its media handmaidens, routinely circles the wagons around those of its elements that visibly, admittedly commit heinous crimes. Its mouthpieces attack anyone who dares to give true coloration to such deeds and their doers. This has become most blatantly “obvious” in the case of the cowardly thugs who call themselves AntiFa.

     Yes, Leftist mouthpieces defend AntiFa. Do you doubt it? Doubt no more:

     Now, within an evil group there may be good people. But it is imperative that a good person who finds himself in an evil group disassociate himself from the group. For a group’s affiliations attach to all of its members.

     It is impossible to say “I’m a member of AntiFa” without shouldering the evil for AntiFa’s public deeds, all of which have been both cowardly – they go masked at all times – and violent – they violently attack peaceable persons who promote conservative, patriotic, or Christian themes. It is equally impossible for venomous clowns like Jeffrey Toobin and Kamau Bell to defend AntiFa even by indirection without shouldering the evil for its deeds. And it is impossible for CNN, arguably the most partisan “news organization” in the business, to defend or retain Toobin or Bell after having heard them make such statements without earning AntiFa’s evil for its corporate self.

     AntiFa’s evil is transmitted by concatenation to everyone who participates in its defense.

     Can’t buy it? Seems like guilt by association? Consider this: were the violent group under discussion the Nazi Party, would you feel the same?

     That’s all for this morning, Gentle Reader. I have a memorial service to attend. I might be back later.

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Jess said...

CNN is the propaganda outlet for the Communist/Democratic party. Antifa demonstrators harass, and even assault reporters, yet they continue to support the movement, which can only indicate CNN doesn't want to report; it only want to continue pushing for the destruction of the United States.