Friday, August 3, 2018

Underlying Brexit.

It would be a fundamental error however to see May as the cause of what practically everyone in Britain now agrees is a debacle. If May were the only problem, there would be no problem getting rid of her and replacing her with someone else. The fact that May is still there despite her all too obvious flaws and failures illustrates the underlying point: the problem is not May; it is Britain’s entire political class.

A proper response to the Brexit vote would have recognised that whatever it was, it was a rejection of the status quo, which has obviously become intolerable to much of the British public. Any response to the Brexit vote, which – like May’s plan – seeks to preserve the status quo, is therefore by definition flawed.[1]

This is a most interesting look at current British political realities. “Lost” is a word that comes to mind. Corbyn seems to have a certain integrity but he promises a return to pre-Thacher socialist tinkering and rot and Britain no more needs his nostrums than Theresa’s. The comments are an essential balance to a certain blindness on the part of Mr. Mercouris.

[1] "Lost In A Brexit Maze: Baffled Political Class Dreads The Prospect Of Jeremy Corbyn." By Alexander Mercouris, ZeroHedge, 8/3/18 (emphasis added).

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