Friday, August 17, 2018

Softening the Rigidity of Political Discussions

I happened upon an article about contentious discussion, and how that might be handled so to avoid triggering screaming opposition.

It was not, as you might think, primarily about 'the feelz' and that kind of stuff. Instead, it was filled with useful advice about how people might guide discussion to permit ALL to feel understood, heard, and able to engage with those who might have widely differing viewpoints.

I was intrigued by it, and want to learn more about the techniques for managing discussions. Face it, we all have friends and relatives who viewpoints and voting patterns are divergent from ours. Too often, attempts to discuss the issues have devolved into hurt feelings and hardened attitudes.

I've noticed that the more I work to address issues in mild-mannered terms, both online and off, the more I get, in return, a more gentle and reasoned response. And - after all - isn't that the point?

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