Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Snake people.

Politics, to put it simply, has overtaken society. In eras past, politics was limited mainly to the realm of the external. Ruling types would tell you how property would be bought and sold, where soldiers would be sent, and how much of your money would be taken… but they seldom told you what to think or how to speak. However, once they got into the habit of telling every child in their domain how to think and speak and run or walk – as they did with government-operated schools – they found one way after another to expand that dominance (which is like crack cocaine to ruling types) throughout the whole of the civilization.[1]
I remember a thought in, I think, a book called Why Americans Hate Politics. Not sure about that but the thought stuck with me wherever I encountered it. To wit, most Americans were content to cede to the elite a certain plenary authority over foreign policy but the deal was the elites stay out of the ordinary lives of the ordinary Joe. Even 25 years ago or thereabouts the author noted that the deal had been upended.

All manner of intervention and control are now in evidence to keep some schmuck from being “offended” or to address some bogus minority claim of past injury or present injustice (PIPI). For gosh sakes, now failing to use some ludicrous, made-up “pronoun” when addressing or referring to some sick, deluded, moronic twink is as much as your job or physical safety are worth.

And the snake people have barely gotten started.

[1] "The Separation of Righteousness and Politics ." By Paul Rosenberg, Free-Man’s Perspective, 8/14/18.

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