Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Stockman on U.S. interventionism and anti-Russia hysteria.

David Stockman has written a superb piece on the deranged U.S. view of the world and our place in it. Russian "imperialist ambitions" and U.S. "election meddling" are explained. Highly recommended for John Bolton and Gen. Jack Keane bedside reading:
We have detailed elsewhere how the so-called Maidan uprising on the streets of Kiev in February was funded, organized and enabled by Washington and its cadres of operators from the CIA, NED, State and sundry NGOs; and how that divided the country to the quick politically when Washington installed and recognized a radical nationalist government that immediately moved against the Russian speaking populations of the Donbas and Crimea.

Indeed, enabling the Kiev coup and instantly recognizing the crony capitalists, ruffians and neo-Nazi nationalists who formed the new government was the single stupidest act of peace candidate Barry’s entire presidency.

But by then the interventionists were in high dudgeon. So there was no stopping their virtually instantaneous demonization of Russia and Putin for actions which were self-evidently driven by Russia’s vital national interests in it own backyard – not some kind of aggressive quest for territory or lebensraum.[1]

I've written several times that the U.S. gave NO assurances concerning Crimea to the Russians as the Ukrainian fiasco unfolded. Any fool knows that the Russian naval base there is a major Russian strategic asset. Did the U.S. say it would not interfere with or compromise that asset, Scout's honor and pinky swear? It did not. "Our" failure to do that was a klooh to them that interference and compromise were precisely what were on the menu.

Was there a foreign policy genius within a thousand miles of the District of Connivers who thought that the Russians would just say to themselves, "Oh, well. Too bad the E.U. and the U.S. just snatched our amazing naval base. Easy come. Easy go."?

Russia's hand was forced yet their actions were billed as Russian expansionism. Not one thing the Russians did before the Nuland/Obongo move on the elected government of Ukraine indicated they wished to snatch Crimea. But for U.S. fiddling, Crimea would today be sovereign Ukrainian territory and the Russians would be paying rent on their base.

Such is the genius of U.S. strategic thinking.

[1] "How Syria and Ukraine Drove the Russia Hawks Insane." By David Stockman, Russia Insider, 8/6/18.

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