Friday, August 10, 2018

Why Envy is Useless

I hadn't heard this statistic (and, of course, all stats are somewhat suspect). But, this is Money magazine, so, perhaps, at least somewhat true.
It takes the average recipient of an inheritance 19 days until they buy a new car.
Cars, of course, are diminishing assets. Their value goes down over time.

But, Envy is the lubricant of the Leftist Class. Without it, they have nothing (with it, they have ALMOST nothing).

Folks, it's gonna be a long, hard fight. The Leftists are deeply embedded in our society, particularly in education. Witness this young lady, who - even though it cost her a good GPA - refused to knuckle under. The video is long, but worth it.

I know the excuses for not acting.

  • I need my job
  • I can't risk openly opposing SJWs and Leftists
  • My kids will suffer
  • The teachers will retaliate on my kids
  • My wife's job will be threatened
  • It's only ___ years until I retire
  • I have to attend the diversity workshop - it's mandatory
  • What could I really gain by speaking up?
  • Too bad about _________, but I'd only suffer the same fate if I defended him
  • I'm just one person
And, a whole lot more.

We should not be advising others to put their heads down and go along. We should support them - socially, vocationally, openly, and - if necessary - financially. Most people don't have the heart to go it alone. They need to know that those whose respect they value have their back.

If not now, when?

To give you some courage, here's some links. Why are so many of these not real people?

Because the Real People tend not to survive.

The drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket

Chesty Puller

Braveheart Freedom Speech

OK, this is just for fun - to lighten your day, and remind you - we CAN win! It starts slowly, and builds to the gradual realization that HRC will NEVER be President!

Oooh, and - I drink the tears of my enemies! - it's STILL funny to see them go nuts!

And, lastly, the inimitable Winnie.

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