Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Prediction: The Appointee to the Empty AZ Senate Seat

UPDATE: I wasn't clear - I think the perioxided twit would be AWFUL as a Senator. However, from her standpoint, it would be "like TOTES GRATE!".

Cindy McCain has been brought to the forefront as the potential appointee by many.

Not gonna happen.

This coming week is going to be all about Meghan McCain's strong, brave appearance in the funeRALLY display. She will be in the limelight, as she shepherds her grieving mother around, taking center stage in the public interviews/photo ops, and generally setting herself up as the Next AZ Senator.

It would be a great move, even if she only manages to hang onto the seat until the next election. She would be able to wear her burnished credentials for every future political commentary opportunity, use it to guarantee her a seat at the news table, even after her looks have faded, and sell a crap-load of books, focused on Daddy's legacy, and how she, alone, can Keep the Flame Alive.

Bet on it.


RM said...

"It would be a great move,..." A great move because it would enable a hereditary Trump hater and Liberal Moon-Bat to continue her dad's globalist, war-mongering agenda? Megan McCain only appears to be a conservative when she is appearing alongside Joy Behar and Whoppie Goldberg. Megan is not a conservative. Megan is just like her dad. Are the McCains of Arizona another designated ruling family like the Kennedy Family ruling The Peoples Republic of Assachusetts?
Regarding John McCain, a trip down the memory hole is warranted during these days of remembrance:

Kelsonus said...

Horrible idea
Continue with the long (not) admired tradition of dynasties
Even if the 2 weren't RINOs

Linda Fox said...

I'm talking about a great move from HER and the Left's perspective. I think she'd suck at the job.

Please! I really hate those entitled twits that assume they are destined for the "family business" of politics.