Monday, August 13, 2018

Getting real.

America is ruled by a tiny percentage of people who constitute a treasonous class. These people have the money to purchase the government, the media, and the economics profession that shills for them. This greedy traitorous interest group must be dealt with or the United States of America and the entirety of its peoples are lost.[1]
Whatever happens politically and economically in this country bears no relation to common sense and the interests of the American people. Virtually every last decision point that is ever reached involves an option that would arguably vindicate common sense and those interests or vindicate the interests of the ultra-left, Muslims, foreigners, or the war party.

For example, it’s clear that a nation of some 330,000,000 people (including some 40,000,000 legal and illegal immigrants) has no need whatsoever for more immigrants, unless they happen to have a cure for cancer or erectile dysfunction. If Chinese are crowding out Americans from university STEM slots, the solution is to cut the fat from universities that requires astronomical tuition fees. “Diversity coordinators” making over $100,000 can safely be advised to see alternate employment and carpenters engaged in building crying rooms can be given more meaningful work.

All immigration needs to be shut down and the borders sealed. Sealed, not “controlled.” Troops overseas defending other nation’s borders – or violating them – need to be brought home and deployed on our own borders. But . . . NFW. That option doesn’t stand a chance of implementation. No. What will issue from the mouths of the beautiful people are maddening obfuscations like our need for “comprehensive immigration law reform,” “path to citizenship,” and “immigrants make a contribution.”

So what should obviously be done is unmentionable and every manner of mindless garbage gushes forth and the nation once again gets all wheels stuck in soft mud. Action forestalled; paralysis and avoidance embraced.

All overseen by the treasonous class. If you ask any one of them to hold out two hands they’ll stick out one hand with the palm down and the other with the palm up. Salvation is never an option with them. Only suffocating propaganda, weakness, exploitation, surrender, war, and betrayal.

[1] "Paul Craig Roberts: Who Does America Really Belong To?" By Paul Craig Roberts, ZeroHedge, 8/2/18.

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