Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Media Gossip About Political Figures - Not a New Thing

They did it with candidates nearly from the start of the Republic. The Jefferson-Adams race set the example.

Read this, in which the unsavory antics of both major parties are described.

Even Wikipedia deals rather frankly with this, giving examples of both parties, including one of the most famous - the Daisy Flower Girl ad of the LBJ-Goldwater presidential race.

Other incidences of using media manipulation to affect an election.

So, no, this last election was not the worst - just the most publicized, and - thanks to the media - most widely distributed smears of any election.

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Glenda T Goode said...

I believe that the attack upon the citizens by the left and their lapdog media is a new strategy being employed this election cycle. The left cannot destroy Trump so they will destroy his supporters.

I believe this is a precedent setting scenario where it is not policy that is under attack alone. In the past the political debate has always been contentious but to single out citizens who are conservatives and the members of the president's staff is more ma gestapo type of tactic than it is political. It is the equivalent of being forced to wear a six pointed star on our clothing. We are to be despised by the rest of society.

This denotes a loss of respect for the citizens of this country. You can assume that eventually all of the citizens, including the left wingers, will be subjugated and suppressed into the idyllic paradise that the intended socialist state will be.

May God help us all.