Thursday, August 30, 2018

It's Not Technically Censorship, But... IS being facilitated by the government. The Feds are acting through their ability to classify the various tech companies as unbiased Content Providers.

If you want to support the Hagmann Report's reach, here is the link to watch their show, outside of YouTube. The motto on their site is The Truth Can't be Silenced.

My answer: Wanna Bet?

Here's a really nice explanation of just how the quasi-censors go about their quest.

So, why are the Leftists executing their efforts right now?

Because, in the short time before the run-up to the election, they're gambling that they can put enough roadblocks to a quick court decision to prevent the various Alternative Media Providers from getting their day in court. After the election, the Left is assuming that they will have won sufficient seats to impeach Trump, re-install the full Deep State, and, once again, be in charge of everything.

How likely is this? Given the razor-thin margins in most off-year elections, VERY Likely. I strongly urge you to read the linked article, as it may well change America forever, if the conspiracy is not stopped.
Epstein asked about Silicon Valley’s increasing control over the parameters of permitted political discourse: “That leads to a big question … which is who on earth gave these companies — and it’s primarily, as we know, two or three companies: Google, Facebook, and Twitter — who on earth gave … the executives at these companies the power to decide what 2.5 billion people around the world get to see or don’t see?”
Yes, conspiracy. This is a coordinated attack on Free Speech and Free Press, aimed at silencing dissent. It is NOT happening by chance.

Who is behind this effort?

Duh. Who do you THINK it is?

Gateway has more at their site, but here is a graphic that shows the extent of the clamp-down on diversity, just on Facebook.

Link to the text of the presentation detailing the conspiracy. The content includes information about ShareBlue, an umbrella organization that pushes the Leftist viewpoint.

Folks, we are in the dark of a night as pivotal as that of April 18, 1775. If we do not sound the alarm NOW, we may lose that opportunity forever.

Here's another argument for redundancy in media outlets for Alternative Media - Wordpress is shutting down sites without explanation or appeal (those hosted on their site). I do use Wordpress for one of my blogs, but I host it myself, so I won't lose content, if push comes to shove.

The question is, will you be permitted to see it? Will your Internet Provider, Browser, or Search Engine allow you to act as an adult, and decide for yourself what is real and what is fake?

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