Monday, June 1, 2020

A Perfect Description Of Today’s Left

     When you have a large cohort of people who have no stake in society [and] a god-like sense of their own righteousness, you have a society that’s in a great deal of trouble. In 1968, when Democrats hit the streets, voters turned Republican. Now, though, after fifty years of leftist control over education and three years of the media savaging Trump, who knows what the voters are going to do. -- Bookworm

     Remember that the Left regards itself as intellectually and morally superior to you, entirely because of its political stances. Leftists therefore believe themselves free of any and all moral constraint in their dealings with you. Two groups that differ on fundamental moral precepts cannot share a nation. They must be separated: by force if necessary, which it usually is.

     No matter who says it, or where or when, "morally different" is a synonym for evil.

Pol Pot, a morally different individual.

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Andy Texan said...

I've previously posted comments pointing out the illegitimacy of the democrat party not to mention the complete rupture of constitutional order prior to these latest democrat operations to attack the political and economic system. Does any one think democrat areas hold fair elections? Fact of the matter, democrats do not want fair elections. How many primary elections have been cancelled? Fine. Insurrection appears to be the current reality. Let us suspend elections and right of habeas corpus for as long as it takes to arrest the democrat party and wring out it's leftist core. Hopefully military governors are waiting in the wings for democrat strongholds. At least our side is in control of the apparatus of federal power.