Monday, June 8, 2020

The Price of Tolerance

Stop whatever you're doing right now, and read this. It will change your life, or, at least, your thinking about "going along with The Intolerant".

Now, most of those who read this blog are already contrary and obstinate people. We live life the way WE chose, not the rest of society. But, some of us are inclined to 'wash our hands' of the many sheeple who go along with the whims of society. Who may not change their lives in response to pressure, but ignore the acquiescence mandated by The Intolerant Left that affects the rest of the population.

Hey, not my problem, not my business.

Well, according to studies of the phenomenon, that's just flat-out wrong. And, dangerous.

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The other day, while food shopping in the mandatory-mask town nearby, I ran into a fellow congregant of the shul we (nominally) are in.

He had a mask; I'd had one on to enter the store but pulled it down.

Among other things he said to me was "It's to protect the people at large from anything you have" - or something close to that. All of a sudden I had the image from the movie The Green Mile where the killer has kidnapped both girls and says to one "If you scream, I hurt your sister" and vice versa.

They are using our general respect for our fellow against us.