Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Quickies: The Anti-Lockdown Position

     I’ve been against this “social distancing / stay home” BS since it first began. My chief reason is simple: Viruses don’t go away. A virus that’s in circulation will eventually infect everyone on Earth...well, everyone who doesn’t have the grace to die of something else first. This is because viruses are not truly alive in the sense used by life scientists, and therefore cannot go “extinct.”

     So once a virus capable of infecting the human body is out there, we’re all fated to get it. If it’s a very nasty one, some will die of it. Yet mark this: far more deaths are due to bacterial diseases, against which there are numerous forms of treatment and immunization, than to viruses. Why this should be, I cannot say, and I don’t know if anyone can. Still, the facts are as they are.

     But that’s all just recapitulation. This morning I have in mind something a physician told me years ago, when I was moderately ill with something infectious. His advice? Stay outdoors as much as possible.

     I was puzzled by his recommendation and asked for an explanation. He smiled and said “It’s virtually impossible to stay sick outdoors. You’re continuously cleaning your body with fresh air. It’s a better purgative than anything your pharmacist has in stock.”

     That was more than thirty years ago. I’ve taken his advice since then...and ever since, no infectious disease has troubled me for more than a day.

     Now, I’d imagine that there are circumstances where “stay outdoors” isn’t the course to follow. Los Angeles or London during peak smog season, perhaps. But for most First Worlders, it seems a wise move, for the reasons my long-ago doctor gave me. And that implies that the whole “lockdown” regime is actually a measure antithetical to the health of those who follow it.

     It’s become clear that Fauci’s Fools have been lying through their teeth this whole time, both about the Wuhan Virus’s danger to us and about what we ought to do in the face of it. Would they have an interest in getting us sick and keeping us that way? At this point I’m disinclined to discount the notion out of hand. What about you, Gentle Reader?



Agreed 100%.

Scared people are more controllable.

There's another wrinkle that I would like to throw out for your consideration: we judge peoples' humanity by their faces. ALL of their faces, especially the mouth. Cover that up, people become... less human.

It's easier to oppress someone you don't see as human.


Short anecdote: We used to watch "60 Minutes" every Sunday. Inevitably there'd be someone being investigated who would swear the allegations were untrue. My mother, who had the uncanny ability to read faces, would immediately say "He's lying" and, over the course of the next few weeks, she'd be proved right and my father and I would - never got old - ask each other "How does she do that"?

We now know there are microbursts - short bursts of emotion that display on the face before conscious control takes over. Masks short-circuit that reading ability.

Again, people become less human. Sooner or later, anyone who doesn't comply will be called UNTERMENSCH, and the faceless crowds, literally, will mass and mob those who endanger society.

Maybe it will be yellow stars again. Or scarlet "R"s, or something else.

American Patriot said...

The mask has now become akin to shackles and chains for the people of America, or worse, the star sewed onto the clothing of the Jews.

Two days ago, the little town where I live had a Mayor come out and put up and edict, that it was now mandatory we all wear face masks outside, inside, except eating or drinking, even on the streets....

I'm done playing around, Patriots. No more excuses.

Don't give them excuses why you can't or won't wear a mask. Just say no.

#mybodymychoice #nomasks #outinpublic #FuckCommunism

#justsayno #CivilDisobedience

Andy5759 said...

...fresh air. It's a better purgative...

I will try to remember that good advice as I venture out of house arrest.

Paul Bonneau said...

The ruling class does not act for our benefit. I don't believe anything they say.

Linda Fox said...

My go-to cure for my frequent respiratory infections when I was a teen was to go the the local pool, slather on sunscreen, and lay on the deck. It always dried up my sinuses. Also, kept my acne breakouts under control.

Funnily, science says that there is some support for my home remedy.

Reg T said...

Fauci has admitted to being a big fan of Hillary. He has connection to Gates, who is a big fan (for profit reasons?0 of vacinations - including those which induce changes in the DNA of te recipient. Fauci, who headed up NIH back in 2005, was well aware of the sresearch done by NIH in using chloroquine - very successfully - on the SARS-CoV-1 virus. There was absolutely zero reason to insist on lengthy human trials when the drug had been used successfully for malaria and other diseases for many years, but especially due to its success against SARS-CoV-1, (CoVID-19 being caused by SARS-CoV-2).

This whole "pandemic" was both political (trial of excessive government control without pushback by citizens), and attempting to cause damage to Trump's re-election chances.