Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Concerning “Justice For George Floyd”

     A couple of interesting facts about this supposed victim of racist cops have come to light that suggest that Derek Chauvin’s actions might not have been motivated by anything other than appropriate police procedure:

     That casts rather a different light on the arrest, doesn’t it?



I don't remember where I saw it, but... there was a picture of a black guy holding a sign to the effect of "Just wait until he's acquitted".

JWM said...

"Speedballing", in old school terms, was shooting up a mixture of heroin and cocaine. It's what killed John Belushi way back when. Floyd was doing the new improved version of mixing fentanyl with methamphetamine, both far more toxic and dangerous drugs. Add that to heart disease, and you've got near suicidal stupidity in the way of getting high.
Floyd himself is all but irrelevant. If it hadn't been this arrest it would have been another. There was nothing spontaneous about the rioting. This insurrection was well planned, long in advance. All they were waiting for was a convenient trigger, and this fit the bill to a "T". Watch Keith Ellison deliberately botch the trial to get an acquittal of Chauvin just in time to start round two for the November election.
Not long ago, here in So Cal, I was at a protest over the lockdowns. It drew hundreds of people, all quite civil. The protesters played by the rules, and were not disrespectful, much less violent to the police. The cops had an easy time of it. They were friendly with protesters, and no windows were broken, and no one got arrested. But the protest barely drew hundreds. Consider that all of those protesters had had their rights, and, for many, their livelihoods stripped away by state and county bureaucrats without so much as a "by your leave".
The vast majority of people here just rolled over for it.
And I still see young people masking up while walking or biking alone on the street, or driving in their cars, despite temps in the mid nineties. They are compliant, unthinking, and obedient to whatever narrative is coming across their media feed. The feed has told them to rise up, and protest, and we see the results in every major city in the nation.

And there ain't nothin' that you or I can do about this. Nothing. We can pray. Just like sane people once prayed in Russia while the Bolsheviks took power. Just like sane people prayed in France during the Terror. Just like sane Cambodians prayed when Pol Pot was coming to power, or sane Germans prayed in the late 1930's. What I want to know now, is what comes next? We haven't seen the end of this. Not by a long mile. I have a very sick feeling that we just lost a civil war.



First, I read - in one place so it's still unvetted - that not only did Floyd and Chauvin work in the same place, but that _allegedly_ co-workers said they didn't like each other. Let's posit, for the nonce, that this is so.

Now you have Chauvin, in a position of power over someone he doesn't like, and Floyd knows this. Floyd struggles about it in the (as far as I know) not-videoed time between them trying to get him into the car and him being on the ground. Aside: weird how, with all the cameras around, nobody seems to have recorded just what happened to land Floyd on the ground.

Floyd's not a "good guy" but IMHO didn't deserve to have Chauvin kneeling on him for that long. Factor in the drug cocktail and heart problems, that's a recipe for a calamity.

And now, we see that calamity and its after-effects. IMHO the spread of this, internationally, cannot be by accident. The Left was primed, planned, rehearsed, and ready to take advantage. If it was not this, it would be something else. I agree 117 1/4% with JWM. We underestimate the Left at our peril. We need to grasp they have a LONG GAME - and simply because we think they're insane - with some studies to back that up! - doesn't mean they're not shrewd as hell. I've said it repeatedly: they're MISSIONARIES.

We're dealing with mythology* now. Like "Saint Trayvon of the Holy Hoodie", like "Hands up, don't shoot", and myriad others, the ground has been made fertile by decades of indoctrination and drip-drip-drip from the enemedia and schools. Facts, reason, logic, evidence don't affect those to whom the myth pulls emotionally.

Going to self-reference, once (as always, understanding I am a guest here):

* http://redpilljew.blogspot.com/2020/04/the-power-of-political-myth-part-1.html

"This emotionally-based acceptance of myth as political truth is one reason why the Left is so impenetrable to classical debate techniques... These myths resonate with what they want to believe is true – and these beliefs give them deep emotional satisfaction and ego inflation."


I missed JWM's other comment, about Ellison deliberately botching things.

That would not surprise me at all - and watch the timing. Late October, no doubt. Take it to the bank.