Saturday, June 20, 2020

We're in the Middle of Year Zero - the Reset

It wasn't immediately apparent. The news about C-19 took most of our attention. But, the way that the Left exploited the opportunity was clearly in the making long before the recent protests/riots/uprisings.

The Left had prepared for this (well, to be fair, thanks to the preceding presidency, the Non-Leftist Dissidents (NLDs) had gone on an arms spree that should buy them some time). I strongly suggest that you step up your prep activities - focusing FIRST on improving your health/physical condition. I've been following Weight Watchers for the last 3 weeks, and am prepared to get on a conditioning program as soon as I am cleared by my doctors to resume exercise.

I've also been re-reading the Kurt Schlichter series - the Kelly Trumbell books. I'm picking up things I missed the first time I read them. I keep seeing parallels with the uprisings that are occurring, and the responses of the various power centers of the country:
  • Executive - Trump's best action has been to get out of the way, clearing out regs that aren't needed, and standing as a lightning rod for Leftist protests. It takes some of the heat off the rest of us.
  • Military - I think it's clear that Kurt's prediction that the brass will go along with the Left, while the enlisted and non-coms will side with the country.
  • Cops/Sheriffs - locally, get these guys on board with The Normals now. Work to stop the abuses of the local law enforcement, and find a way to de-militarize them BEFORE they turn the munitions on the people.
  • Network LOCALLY. National movements aren't as effective as loosely affiliated local groups, working together on specific actions.
  • Communications - you absolutely HAVE to cultivate alternative communication methods. Radio is the one form that they really can't completely shut down. The ability to set up in a mobile formation bypasses the ability of the government to throw the switch on cell phones. And, yes, they DO have that kill switch, and they will not hesitate to use it if they deem it necessary. But, also, keeping that cell on opens you to having your location tracked. Also, courier methods, using people who already travel a lot (truckers, delivery drivers, salesmen), is a backup for hard copy information movement. Cultivate a network of people, and prepare to use them for info transport.
  • Keep your kids in the virtual school/homeschool mode. Nothing you could do with that freedom that comes with other people taking care of your kids most of the day will compensate for the pain of seeing them on the other side of the dispute. Don't give the indoctrinators the opportunity to ruin their life.
  • Pray. Some of you are believers, some are not. If you have a Higher Power, use it. If you don't, read the philosophers that lie at the base of Democracy/Republican life, and use those readings to guide your actions.
It may be that this will peter out. I lived through that time period when the nation was nearly brought down by Leftists. I am not anxious to repeat that experience, as this time, it will not end without a large body count.

Doubt we're there, yet?



Already tentatively broached the topic with one of my neighbors - discussing BLM, and asking what if they get to our little out of the way cul-de-sac. His reply? "Shoot first, ask questions later". Have to approach the other neighbors on the street, casually. I have the feeling the blue-collar type who works at a local factory will also be on the same page.

Swede said...

Pretty funny, I'm re-reading these books also. Great minds think alike!