Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Extroverts & Introverts

I'm the introvert in the family. My husband is extroverted, and genuinely enjoys interacting with people.

We're opposites in temperament, yoked together. Most of the time, it's one of those differences that we find lends a fresh aspect to our shared life.

But, when we're under time pressure, or dealing with tasks neither of us wants to do, that incompatibility can make it difficult to work together, or, at times, even exist in the same room/house.

I like silence, no interruptions, and extended time to focus on the task.

He keeps jumping up to deal with an unrelated matter, likes to stop his work constantly to talk, ask questions, or get on the phone with someone.

Working in the same office, as we do, can be challenging. Most of the time, no problem - we don't occupy the same space at the same time.

Since C-19, it's been - challenging. Very challenging.

The last few days, I almost lost it.

We've been clearing up old financial issues - investments, taxes, paperwork. Neither of us enjoy it. It's taken just about all the patience we have just to plow through this.

But, working in the same room with him interrupting my concentration every few minutes (usually signaled by him saying, "I don't want to interrupt you, but..."), has driven me to the edge.

That's all. I just wanted to get that out, and off my chest. Much cheaper, and easier than standing trial for murder.


Mike Guenther said...

Just think...if you'd killed him when you met him, you'd be getting out today. J/k

Andy5759 said...

Hah! You have a husband who shares a gem of a spouse with you. You should be so lucky.

HoundOfDoom said...

Same here. We're moving in the midst of this virus. Wifey's tagline is 'Are you busy?' when I'm on (or leading) a meeting via telcom. Less talk, more work honey.

FredLewers said...

Bwahahaha... My wife and I live full time in a 34' toy hauler style RV. The last 12' is my tool room. (It's packed)
When we embarked on the RV lifestyle I read in a blog that love is not enough. You've got to genuinely like each other. I didn't get it at the time but 6 years later I understand. And sometimes like isn't enough... Walking the dogs does help though. It'll pass 😁