Saturday, June 13, 2020

Some Random Thoughts From One Who Lived Through This Before

Nothing in life teaches as well as experience - particularly BAD experiences.

We're surrounded by the detritus of some really bad ideas. Few are original - most have been recycled from discredited ideas (many from foreign countries). It's like Leftists live an existence comparable to that of a person with brain damage that prevents them from forming new long-term memories. They can have experiences, over and over again, without learning a thing from them.

McCarthyism has long been the Bogeymen for the Left - according to their memories, the Evil Bad Man of the 1950s terrorized the entire country, jailed countless citizens, and - by government decree - fired them all. ALL of the people he named were completely innocent of any involvement in promoting communism, and were unjustly hounded into early deaths.

The actual truth:
  • McCarthy's actions were the result of public outrage about the takeover of vulnerable countries - the Soviet bloc and China were the prime examples. His investigations were quite popular with the average people. It required a LONG campaign by the Leftists, filled with lies, half-truths, and directed by foreign entities, for people to drop their support. That media campaign was led by the Liberal newspapers, at the urging of their Left-leaning peers in academia. The average man on the street, who often had experience with Communists/Socialists, and didn't view them favorably, supported the Senator's work.
  • Few were jailed; those that were had committed crimes (espionage), or were jailed for refusal to cooperate with the Congressional investigations (which were NOT McCarthy's responsibility - he was a Senator).
  • Those that refused to sign so-called loyalty oaths were - with few exceptions - actually Communists/Socialists/Leftists. Not just misunderstood Liberals/Progressives. By not signing, they protected themselves against prosecution for perjury. They hoped to use their "principled" stance to protect themselves against firing for cause. It didn't work.
  • GOVERNMENT didn't fire them. Their employer did, often because the company did business with the Federal government, and they needed to ensure that their employees didn't engage in espionage for foreign countries. Most weren't even fired.
  • As a result of the change in how tolerant the public was towards Communists, for a time, American education, media, and entertainment actually promoted American values. Open support of Leftist goals was rare.
  • Leftist groups are tightly and rigidly controlled in what they can say, write, and do. Failure to follow ALL restrictions will result in "un-personing" of the offender - which, those who don't toe the line are finding out.
  • The social pressure on dissidents is often harsher than any government could impose. And, it lasts longer.
  • The Gentle, Compassionate Left is not. They are humorless, inflexible scolds. They will pursue even the slightest opposition to their authority with Javert-like persistence.
  • The Po-Po are not as vicious as the Non-Official Punishment Squad. Police have to answer to the courts and the civil authorities. Police have rules governing their conduct. Those whom the Left targets have no civil recourse, no appeals process, and, even if they debase themselves in apologies, will not be pardoned from their Leftist banishment.
  • The Left inevitably degenerates into a tightly controlled dictatorship - CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Anonymous Zone, is one such example. A Warlord has arisen - Raz Simone, link here. Note that only in the last paragraph does the report note that Raz and his crew are extorting the locals.
What will happen to the Revolutionary Left when this Revolt collapses?

I predict very little will be charged against them (despite their Martyr Rhetoric, they're pretty safe from prosecution - the Connected Elite usually are). They will likely burrow into a safe job, collect a paycheck, and attempt to influence the next generation - like this guy did.

The Elite will not suffer, unlike those sucked into their hare-brained schemes. THOSE followers will find their lives interrupted, their ability to earn a living hampered, and, likely, face jail time.


Tim said...

My memories as a young boy were of the Protests at Democratic National Convention in Chicago. On August 28, 1968, at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, thousands of Vietnam War protesters battle police in the streets, while the Democratic Party falls apart over an internal disagreement concerning its stance on Vietnam.

A series of riots occurred during the convention, and eight protest leaders— Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, cofounders of the Youth International Party (Yippies); Tom Hayden, cofounder of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); Black Panther Chairman Bobby Seale…

Fast forward to 2020, here we are again with basically the same groups doing the same thing.

Col. B. Bunny said...

God bless Joe McCarthy. Vicious "McCarthyism" has joined the ranks of the unassailable truths such as the U.S. military suffered a military defeat in Vietnam, "right-wing" National Socialism, living Constitution, nation of immigrants, propositional nation, and white privilege.