Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Necessity Of Going On The Attack

     A war concludes when one side’s will to continue fighting is exhausted. Sometimes that requires the complete elimination of the losing side. Indeed, that was proposed in late 1945, even though Admiral Doenitz had announced Germany’s surrender to the Allies and Emperor Hirohito had announced Japan’s surrender to the United States. But far more often, the loser simply loses the will to resist, and says so plainly.

     However, you cannot attain victory by remaining forever on defense. In our current war with the forces of chaos, we’re the ones on defense, and slowly losing our will to continue. More, there are indications that we’re running out of time to flip things around.

     Have a tale from Jolly Olde England:

     The girlfriend of the man who flew a “white lives matter” banner over a football match in the UK has been fired from her job after refusing to take “intensive racial sensitivity training.”

     The banner was seen trailing behind a plane over Manchester City’s Etihad stadium on Monday before the club’s Premier League game with Burnley.

     It provoked widespread condemnation and a police investigation, although authorities subsequently concluded that no criminal offense had been committed.

     The person responsible for the banner, Burnley fan Jamie Hepple, faced a social media witch hunt although he responded with a Facebook post that said, “I’d like to take this time to apologise… TO ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOBODY!”

     However, after a Twitter mob discovered the employment details of his girlfriend Megan, she was fired by Solace Foot Health and Reflexology simply for being guilty by association.

     A statement released by the company said they were “willing to try to help Megan by paying for Intensive Racial Sensitivity training” but that Megan had evidently refused to be re-educated and would rather leave, meaning she was effectively fired for being the boyfriend of a man who thinks “white lives matter.”

     If you’re not grinding your teeth over that story – especially the bit about “trying to ‘help’ Megan” – you’d better stay far away from me. But my point isn’t the scrofulousness of the event. It’s this: Megan was not fired because of “guilt by association.” Megan was fired for a slightly more complex, considerably more cowardly reason:

  1. Megan is / was Jamie Hepple’s girlfriend;
  2. It was likely that the very Leftists who were enraged by Hepple’s banner would know that;
  3. Solace Foot Health and Reflexology feared to become a Left-targeted organization.

     The owners of Solace Foot Health and Reflexology, you see, did not believe themselves capable of defending their company from Leftists’ attacks. Knowing the Left’s propensity for targeting anyone and anything associated with whoever has angered them, those unworthies decided on a preemptive surrender. That it cost an innocent woman her livelihood, which might not be so easy to replace, was of far less consequence to them.

     “But what if Megan had accepted the sensitivity training?” I hear you cry. I don’t think it would have mattered. She would have been forced out of her job sooner or later anyway, because of her association with Hepple. The Left is relentless at pursuing the associates of their targets. That’s their pattern, and to this point they have not departed from it.

     There is one and only one way to prevail against these monsters: we must go on the attack. They must be hunted down and beaten down, individually and collectively, so severely that they cannot imagine daring to rise ever again. The process must be so thorough and so remorseless that our consciences quail at the notion. Indeed, I have no doubt that it will involve permanent injuries and fatalities. That’s in the nature of a war – and a war is what’s in progress, the notions of some custardheaded types in the Corporate Pseudo-Right notwithstanding.

     Anything less will mean an unending series of events like the one Paul Joseph Watson describes in the story cited above.

     Why? Simply because we have too much to defend: Too many people, too many businesses, too many institutions, too many items of cultural and historical value. We cannot defend them all continuously; indeed, we cannot defend even a small fraction of them well enough to prevent violence and vandalism that will cripple our entire society. We cannot outlast the destroyers. We must hunt them down and punish them so severely that they cannot rise again.

     Our great disadvantages are the media, which continues to protect the Leftist destroyers, e.g., by characterizing them as “protesters,” and the so-called forces of order, which are de facto on the Left’s side. That makes offensive action by decent Americans risky...which doesn’t make it any less imperative. The general unwillingness to take a risk in defense of the existing order is what makes militant revolutionary minorities capable of overthrowing such an order. At some point, we must either attack or surrender.

     Our sole advantage in this is that the destroyers of the Left are cowards. They only strike where the possibility of harm or penalty to them is infinitesimal. If a sufficient fraction of them are killed, crippled, or imprisoned until they’re old and gray, the rest will furl their evil colors. But that won’t happen until we embrace the necessity of going on offense – and the indications are that too many of us are “too comfortable,” too convinced that “it can’t happen here,” to insistent that “someone else will deal with it,” to do so at this time.

     Just a morose thought with which to kick off your Thursday.


Paul Bonneau said...

Yes. But it is always a question, when to kick off the war.

As it is now, you will be at war not only with the left, but with the entire prison-industrial complex. Even righteous defense (never mind offense) will end up with you in jail. I think this is the main reason whites wait and wait and wait.

The good news about the constant leftist attacks and destruction, is that they are creating a lot of men with nothing left to lose. These men will only care about how many bastards they can take with them before they die. Who owns the media or the prison-industrial complex, won't matter to them.

The other good thing about the ramp up of leftist violence, is that the cops will not be able to stay on top of things, because there are so many. More and more murders will go unsolved - which leaves an opening for retribution.

Unknown said...

Excellent conclusion above comment to paraphrase: WROL works both ways, and there is very little reluctance on our part to attack.
The only two threads remaining are 1.maybe the authorities can contain it 2.before it reaches me.
Otherwise, hell hath no fury....just gritting my teeth and waiting to see the whites of their eyes.
It's easy for these commie scum to operate in commie scum democRat areas. It's an entirely different matter if they wander off their Shiat holes.


As I observed on my blog - we still believe we have something to lose.

Ironically, as we worry about houses, or cars, or jobs... we're losing our freedom.

Wayne said...


Andy Texan said...

Individuals are too weak without some leader to rally a sufficient number to sally into the battle (and give the protection of the multitude). The President is our leader. He should invoke the insurrection act and outlaw the democratic party and all its divisions. No politician carrying the democratic party banner is legitimate since the democratic party is in open rebellion. Cross this Rubicon Mr. President. We will join the battle.

SWVAguy said...

Non futuis vobiscum.
Since collective responsibility is being heaped on white folks, let's apply that to everybody.
Black folks are responsible for the tribal chieftains who SOLD their ancestors to the white slave traders.
Modern day Catholics are responsible for the Spanish inquisition.
Modern day Germans are guilty of the Holocaust.
Today's Japanese are responsible for the rape of Nanking.
The socialists/marxists/communists of today bear the guilt of the murder of anywhere between 80 and 100 million people.
Destroying (or trying to) history doesn't change it. These people who want to tear down the statue of Lincoln are totally ignorant of the fact that it was paid for by freed slaves, and was dedicated by Frederick Douglas. Then again, tearing down the statue is only a small part of what they want. Tearing down western civilization is the ultimate goal.
As you say Francis, "if I'm a racist, so what."
I need more ammo.



"Tearing down western civilization is the ultimate goal."


They are TRUE BELIEVERS in the idea that they can create a world without hunger, poverty, bigotry, etc., etc., etc.

Linda Fox said...

My thoughts - no, we should not - at this time - retaliate with gunfire. Our revenge should be underhanded and, preferably, not traceable to us. EVERY time a Leftist uses their undeserved powers to get someone fired, we need to respond. It may be pizzas in the middle of the night. It may be flaming bags of dog poo on their doorstop. It may be subtle - slices on their tires, passing along the idea to local gangs that they have disrespected the group, and watch the fun. It may involve using hackers to unearth all of their dirty little secrets, and expose them (ironically, many Leftists are shockingly un-PC in their private life).

Don't care - the tactics may vary (probably should) but the message should be delivered - do not F*** with us. You will pay for it.

Linda Fox said...

Actually, it would be better to start a "war of nerves" that has them looking over their shoulder, fearful every minute. Subtle not-quite-open threats. For example, when they have a minor fender bender, and complain about it on social media, leave a note on their work computer or under their door, that claims "This was a warning".

You don't actually have to DO anything to make them dissolve into a puddle of sweat.

SWVAguy said...

As far as shooting anybody goes, I'm not keen on the idea, but if attacked with lethal intent, I'm prepared to respond in kind. It is, however, better to have ammo and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Francis W. Porretto said...

"The only time you have too much ammo is when you're on fire." -- Originator unknown.

Reg T said...

Some years back, I read some patriot who wrote of doing as the Israelis used to do during "Palestinian" riots: one of two shooters with suppressed Ruger 10/22s picking off a few of the rioters until they got the message that remaining in that AO was not conducive to long life.
That is a technique that could be useful in places where rioters are vandalizing, burning, destroying, and/or killing. Especially killing. Think "D.C. snipers", with one in the trunk, or a pickup with a camper shell, or a nearby rooftop. Or all the above. Think of a small, dedicated group willing to get on the fringes, wound or drop a few, and quietly drive off/bug out before they are seen or located. The more the tactic is used, the more difficult it may become to carry off, but I believe a few eposides of this kind of retaliation might serve to end the rampant violence we've seen frequently in Portland, OR and now in quite a few cities all across the country. I really doubt anything less will work. And it will save the cops from having to risk their lives trying to deal with Antifa and Blatantly Lying Marxists. I imagine the Thin Blue Line would not expend a lot of energy attempting to stop such activity, unless it began to involve collateral damage.