Friday, June 19, 2020

This Decision Informs Us...

That the Leftist members of the Court (or, their likewise clerks) have been informed that DHS is under the control of the Deep State, and will use every means to stop, slow down, and sabotage any attempt to curb DACA.

Don't get angry about the decision (yes, it's a BAD one, but it makes it clear that they are worried Trump will win in November, and want to put shackles on his power to change things). Mine it for information about where to strike next in our fight against the Deep State.

Guys, this isn't about getting pissy, or angry about setbacks. It's about staying cool-minded, and using their actions to fight back.

It's an object lesson about how to do so.

Does you local zoning board implement pro-Left decisions? Recruit people to run against them, and start collecting money and people to assist with the election.

Does the IRS act in predictably Left-supporting ways? Support politicians with records of simplifying the tax laws.

Many of us, for example (both the general voting population and us, personally) aren't always up to speed on the elections that shape out lives - judiciary, when that's an elected office, county boards, state regulatory boards. All are places where the Left has burrowed in for decades.

As If!

At that time, there were 3 county commissioners - they controlled ALL the activity of the county - including construction contracts, the zoning boards, insurance contracts (a HUGE amount), sheriff's department, county health services, jobs and family services, clerk of courts, medical examiner, budgets and who got contracts, just to name a few. The power of a county commissioner, depending on the structure of county government, can be greater than that of many mayors, state legislators, and, sometimes, even the governors.

Find out:
  • Who your county commissioners are
  • What, exactly, are their responsibility areas
  • What's their budget, and what purchases do they control
  • When the next election is for those slots
You may be astonished at the extent to which the Deep State is embedded in your relatively local area. You may, finally, realize why your efforts at getting the Left out is not working.

Now, in Cuyahoga, they've moved from 3 commissioners - it's still an elected position, and one that is often overlooked by many voters - don't do that! It's a HUGE amount of control over your life. I had to read the county charter to find out that it's still an elected position - details here.

In my present county, the County Manager is appointed by the County Council. The Council controls a large budget - $66 million for next year.

Here's a bio of the County Commissioner for my region - note that the member still has to work a job, in addition to his work for the Council. Most people who go into county government will not get rich doing so. But, they will build a network from those departments and sub-boards that they do control, as well as valuable contacts with the local movers and shakers. And, it's a partisan, elected position, so they will have a lot of say in who else gets elected.

Now, do you realize why you have to find out who's in charge, and what they control? And, that's it more important (most years, not this year) who gets elected at the national level?

Trump knows this - as a real estate guy, he knows who REALLY controls government - and, it's NOT Cuomo, or even de Blasio.

It's the relatively unknown guy to gets to appoint/control budgets/direct expenditures at the county level.

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