Thursday, June 11, 2020

Update on the Revolution/Coup

I read Had Enough Therapy's posts on Gen. Mattis' arrogant attempt to sidestep both his professional obligations and adherence to the Constitution, in his "schooling" of Trump. If you follow the link, please read the comments - they are an example of the deep understanding of the average non-lawyer of political issues and their Constitutional implications. FAR better than most of the Deep State suits.

Here's a few somewhat scattered thoughts about the current uprisings in the cities/states:
  • The Left, in a panic at the COVID-19 Shutdown Theatre Failure, jumped the gun in their response to Floyd's death. It was understandable, as a video'd death, by cop, as others (mostly trainees) stood around their mentor, was a Perfect Flash Point. Too soon, too violent, may very well peter out by summer.
  • There are two factions - the mostly peaceful protesters, led by experienced and seasoned community members, that are The Face of the Floyd Protests. The other, the Raiding Thugs and their Allies (The Left), have, in some vulnerable Democratic strongholds, reduced the neighborhoods to pre-1980's, hollowed-out slums. All that money that was poured into the 'hood is now smoldering, along with the will to build it up again. An entire generation of entrepreneurial Black adults have been destroyed.
  • This is NOT getting 'Da Man on the Street to support the Left. All he can see is his job, his home, and his life (whatever remains after the Shutdowns) is going up in smoke, along with the neighborhood. Expect him to vote HIS interests, never mind his color/ethnicity.
  • That Sex & the City lifestyle is also being destroyed in NYC and other urban enclaves - so, except for the most hard-core revolutionary, a sizable chunk of the Female vote is also not gonna vote Democrat. They'll likely NOT vote for Trump, but they're gonna stay home. And drink wine - LOTS of wine.
  • Kids are not being used as scenery for these protests, for the most part. Without their teachers and pliable peers to chide them along for the march, kids are mostly choosing to sit this one out. They may use fear of infection as their excuse, but - without their academic future riding on showing up, they'll pass.
  • I have a feeling that this woman's early death (she was only 22), although tragic, will be found to have NOT been caused by the tear gassing. Drugs have been suspected (although the tox screen is not yet in), and a heart attack sounds more like drugs and/or congenital heart problems.
Thoughts? Put them in the comments.

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