Thursday, June 11, 2020

Why the RNC is Moving Out of Charlotte

It's not completely a done deal yet. As of now, the convention committee is looking for an alternative place to hold the nomination/acceptance speech. Much of the rest - the committee meetings, meet & greet at the state level - could easily take place in any city, even Charlotte. With the current prices for flights, this could end up being a two-part convention - first, the preliminary stuff (fewer people) in Charlotte, then jetting on to the public part of the convention. Which, at the moment, looks like it might be FL or TX, two of the states that have been mentioned the most.

Both states have governors eager to make that deal, likely cities have sufficient hotel and meeting space, and they've not been generally a focal point for Leftist disruption and chaos. I'd be expecting one of the things to look for is no large university with entrenched Leftists in charge. This move, so close to the convention, may well cripple what most of us have expected will be the Plan to Recreate Chicago Riot, 2.0.

For sure, it's gonna make both Charlotte and NC look bad - VERY bad. The local businesses were counting on the RNC money coming in to help them stay afloat. I don't think Trump will be blamed, as much as the local chuckleheads that thought the riots were just an "organic expression of their refutation of injustice".

Right. I've been watching the news in Charlotte for some time (we're in SC, just 1/2 hour away). The crime problems of Charlotte are huge, and nothing the city has done has improved the situation at all. The protests just added some heat to an unstable mix, and they are killing the city. Protesters gathered on major highways recently, and - for a time - shut down access in and out of the city. It took way too long to resolve. People were seriously pi$$ed.

The plan to cause chaos, if that is what is intended, actually makes ZERO sense. They seem to have forgotten that the Chicago Insurrection, 1.0, was a dismal failure. The rebel leadership was caught up in legal problems in the aftermath, it was expensive to litigate (the leadership took the majority of the money donated for their defense, leaving the rank and file to dangle in the wind), and the main mass of followers jumped ship, preferring not to have their heads split open by those Evil We're-Not-Playing-Nice Chicago Cops.

And, the outcome of that chaos?

Nixon won handily. The Democratic party went down in flames, and took decades to recover fully. The only Democratic president for a long time was Carter, and we all know what a mess he was. It wasn't until Clinton got elected that centrists - sort of - had any influence in the party. And, it didn't take long before the radicals took control, culminating in Obama's election, and the enshrining of the Deep State apparatus, both in the executive branch and the military.

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