Friday, June 19, 2020

Working on a Project That's Been Back-Burner'd For a While

I've been thinking about turning some of my old posts into a book-length collection. I started with The Declination (I've been blogging for the shortest time on that site), then combed through some of the older posts on Liberty's Torch, and am now moving backwards at Right As Usual.

It didn't take that long - only about two days - to put together about 40% of my goal's output in one place. I'm grouping them by topic, not date, and adding in some commentary/introduction to provide some perspective. It's been educational.

I've been seeing some themes. The current Leftist drive to bring on revolution has been brewing for some time. The difficulty with getting government to act in small things, rather than bringing in yet another cumbersome and liberty-destroying bureaucracy, is also not a new thing.

As I'm coming in from a distant past (to the young, anything older than last year is ANCIENT), I comment from the perspective of one who has seen this playbook before (as have most of Liberty Torch's readers). Defeating the Left should be a cinch; they don't invent new tactics, just recycle the old ones (with some modification for tech changes).

Update - Friday, 6/20/22 - I've identified and pulled together the posts I want to include, most fairly recent. What remains is checking all links to make sure they are still active (and noting those that can't even be found in the Internet Archive), adding context to some of the posts, and adding additional commentary.

That whole remaining process will likely take a LOT longer than the first part. I HOPE to be done by the end of July, 2020.

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