Monday, June 29, 2020

Conservatives - CHARGE!!!!!

You absolutely have to read this link to Kurt Schlichter today. It's a pungent admonition to get off the drawing room furniture, and get out into the streets and FIGHT!

We have an opportunity to re-charge the aging ranks of the Counter-Left troops. Kids are bored. College students have some time on their hands. Even the normally employed have some leisure time to:
  • Learn what motivates the NLD - Non-Leftist Dissidents.
  • Get training on how to Fight the Leftist Power (hopefully, without suffering casualties).
  • Network, organize, and spread the message.
  • Use the tactics of the Left against them.
  • Rinse, repeat.
Now is the time to educate yourself about the many abuses of power of the former Obama/Biden administration. For example: The various foundations set up that essentially serve as a money-laundering operation for the cronies of the Left - Biden's Cancer "non-profit" (except for the executive staff) did not follow appropriate rules for foundations, and enriched the former staffers through ridiculously high compensation, compared to budget. By keeping financial control over those who were in on the dirty secrets of the past, they are incentivized to NOT write a tell-all book.

Black Lives Matter - I've largely avoided knowing more about this organization, mostly because immersing myself into it would leave me feeling slimy. But, today, I decided to correct that lack. Some Did You Knows:
Say, should Trump be re-elected, a really GOOD place to start reforms is the tax code, as it relates to non-profits. And, another is directing some audit money at getting the "non-political-but-not-really" groups investigated, and removing their ability to receive donations. Might stop that in the short-term by not permitting the 'chain donations' that have foundations funding foundations.

A major front on the War Against NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents) is in the schools. If you have the stomach, check out this list of materials, meant to train teachers to serve as the Shock Troops for the Revolution. If you don't already, consider home-schooling in the fall, even if your system goes back to operation.

The war doesn't have to involve direct confrontation and argument - there are times that call for softer interactions.

Where is YOUR Breaking Point? Some have said we're past that point.

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