Thursday, June 11, 2020


     When you have an odd sense of humor, it’s important to let it out now and then, so it won't erupt from you at an inopportune moment. The C.S.O. and I both possess that sort of humor. In addition, our new Newf puppy Joy appears to be exacerbating our natural tendencies. Thus:

FWP: You know, there are tragedies that never get any attention.
CSO: Hm? Like what?

FWP: The agonies of all the colors that, try as they might, can never be primary.
CSO: Like fuchsia?

FWP: Yes! And chartreuse. And cerise!
CSO: What about teal?

FWP: Of course! And magenta and cyan, too!
CSO: Don’t forget mauve!

FWP: (sniff) “I so badly wanted to be purple, but try as I might...”
CSO: Then there’s the heartbreak of burnt sienna!
FWP: Something must be done!

CSO: Think there’s any grant money available?
FWP: I’ll make some calls.

     Just a little levity to soften you up for the horrors of the day.

1 comment:

Squints said...

Of course snakes have a mortal fear of.... teal. *

* classical reference (well, paraphrace)