Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Why is Fake News So Important?

In the case of economic news, it's because people make many life decisions based on its accuracy. This news, about the housing market, is one that I wouldn't have anticipated, based on the current gloom & doom from the media.

But, the news fits what I'm hearing from many other people. My own 'news gathering' - asking people "How are you doing?", and listening to their answers - has not, generally, turned up many people with serious issues.

They are making it. They have food in the cupboard, a roof over their heads, and can pay their current bills without fear of being tossed onto the street with all their belongings. Almost everyone, when the forced isolation hit, cut expenses to the bone, loaded up on staples, and watched any purchases carefully.

That was the sensible advice being given to them from financial experts, and, it looks like they listened.

Now, some might want to argue that my sample is skewed heavily towards the retirees. It's true that many of my closest and personal long-time friends are around my age. Most of us have developed some savings, a steady income, and own property.

But, it also include their children and grandchildren - who are not situated in such a stable situation. True, a few are in serious circumstances. I had a nephew, not so well-situated, who died of an illness (not COVID-related) fairly early this year. Due to travel restrictions, we weren't even able to be there for his wife and kids.

They are hurting, not just emotionally, but also because just about all of them were hit with job losses, inability to get social services due to the large numbers seeking them at the same time, and - even with pooling money among the family - in a bad way. It was about the worst situation I've seen.

And, yet, they are managing. The 'Trump money' - intended to reduce calls on the states that weren't going to be able to respond - was a big help. Eventually, unemployment kicked in. Some managed to find other sources of income. And, emotionally, they have each other.

I've little doubt that they will weather this storm, and emerge stronger.

The National Bureau of Economic Research sure was quick to declare a covid-19 recession on June 8. It cited an increase in unemployment, a decrease in retail sales, and a drop in economic activities -- lasting more than a few months.

While it all seems scientific -- arithmetic and numbers are involved -- those last six words show it is a judgment call.

A sudden and sharp rise in unemployment, a sudden and sharp drop in sales, and a corresponding sudden and sharp drop in stock prices are alarming, but if they are not lasting more than a few months, you do not have a recession.
Before blindly accepting the news that is promoted as factual, ask yourself:
  • Is the Media showing a mix of news - some good for Trump, some bad - or is there a direction to the news (always in a way that puts Trump in a bad light)? Random chance would generate actual news that, at least sometimes, is good for Trump. And, yet, it seldom is. That consistent finding indicates that there is bias shaping the slant of any reporting.
  • What are the sources? Unnamed "highly placed" people who talk smack behind the boss's back? Would you trust someone at work who never said a dissenting word directly to the boss, but never had a civil one behind his back? Of course not.
  • What documents do they cite? Ones written by someone with an agenda? Documents that are not shown, because they are classified? Handwritten notes that are ambiguous? The foundations of Fake News are quite shaky, when you examine them closer.
  • What experts are cited? Are they asking biologists about changes in climate? Doctors about pharmacology? Political organizations about the economy? Just because someone has a 'doctor' in front of their name doesn't make them an expert on everything. Too often, the dissent is manufactured by those whose advice has been ignored - sometimes, ignored for good reason. One of the most common source of so-called experts is a Bought & Paid-for Think Tank - and, often, George Soros or his allies are the paymaster.
  • When the Media bring in opposing viewpoints, do they let them answer questions at length? Or do they edit any interviews down to Info Bites, that may completely twist the meaning of the conversation? Are the same tired old 'experts' used, again and again, in a quixotic effort to Bring Down Trump? Does the so-called expert have a long-standing vendetta against Trump?
I hate to write this all in terms of Trump - Lord knows, he is NOT a perfect person. However, he serves as a lightning rod for attacks by the Left.

Another aspect to the issue of Fake News is the sudden promotion of old incidents that pretty much everyone knew about already, but, this time, with the pretense that "I'm Shocked! Shocked!"

Why now?

My personal suspicion is that there's a Person of Color/Ethnicity/Sexual Expression that wants that job. Removing the present holder of that slot is a quick way to achieve that objective.



Control the information flow, control what people know. Control what they know, you control their thinking. Control their thinking, control their votes.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Random chance would generate actual news that, at least sometimes, is good for Trump.

As Ive said for decades,, If in Fact the legislators were simply making mistakes,, SOMETIMES they would pass legislation that Didnt SCREW the American people..