Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Not As Clear a Separation as You Might Think

Sen. Marsha Blackburn is urging the DOJ to investigate Google for possible suppression of Free Speech, based on political viewpoint.

Your initial thought might be, They're a private company, so this is not gonna fly.

But, then, somewhere in the part-Neanderthal brain that your cunning Euro-descended blogger possesses, I had a slight memory of case law that was decided differently.

Watch later this summer (like, when it gets hot and uncomfortable to march around in the heat) for this to be exploited by BLM and their allies.

Otherwise, any activity will mostly be after darkness falls, and the burning sun is no longer sapping the poor, misunderstood youts's strength. And, when the cover of darkness provides some protection against gettin' busted for vandalism/theft/assault.

So, to re-cap:

There is precedent for putting some oversight on private companies' restriction of Constitutionally-guaranteed rights. Barr can take that precedent, and run it right up Google's a$$.

Game ON!


Cederq said...

Miss Linda, I have noted a certain rebel, rebelliousness from you lately. It is refreshing and I see you have spunk! I enjoy your articles, keep 'em coming.


Project Veritas has a new release:


Pascal said...

I would love to see your idea pursued. However, in my own primitive brain I recall how GOPe types never really go on the offensive -- unless it is to attack or otherwise feed actual conservatives to the sharks.

Linda: Should Barr fail to even try and shove this up Google's A$$, would you consider that as a positive litmus test that Barr is of the Swamp?

Linda Fox said...

Not necessarily - Barr may be just picking his battles (there are many to choose from).