Thursday, September 3, 2015

Among The Most Important Words Ever Spoken Into A Radio Microphone

     Some consider Glenn Beck a fringe loony.
     I don’t.
     Some dismiss Beck as a right-wing scaremonger.
     I don’t.
     Some claim Beck promotes apocalypticism as a marketing tool.
     I don’t.

     Watch, listen, and reflect:

     Yes or no?

     We will be punished for our sins by our sins. Thus it will be, for thus it has always been.


KG said...

Beck is absolutely right. He is also too little and much too late.
Mere words can no longer get the job done.

Katzkiner said...

All it would take is 30 million Americans on the Capital Mall. The Egyptians did it. Can't we?

Gagdad Bob said...

Unfortunately, the vehicle we're in is more like a train than a car. Even if we were to pull the brake today, the sheer momentum will take us over the bridge. Then they'll blame us for the crash.

pdwalker said...

Can't argue against what he says. It's all true.