Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Magnificent speech: the God's honest truth about the GOP.

Sen. Cruz has delivered a magnificent speech and I recommend it highly to all. It is, however, very long and I hesitate to inflict such a lengthy post on Fran.

Please go to my site where I've posted the whole speech.

I wish he had addressed mass illegal immigration as well, which is a curious omission in view of how it is obviously a huge issue in the minds of the public. I am, nonetheless, amazed by this excellent speech which will endear Cruz to no GOP "leader" with (1) a free parking spot on Capitol Hill and (2) a Cadillac health care plan exempt from the requirements of Obamacare.


furball said...

Ted Cruz is addressing "Obama" in that speech. He says nice things, but he's focusing (in my opinion) on the wrong person.

Cruz should take a page (or 20) from Stephen Sumner. Instead of talking to Obama and Congress about how laws are passed and what is happening in Washington, he should be talking to US. Voters.

He keeps talking to Obama and how the Republican leadership surrenders.

Instead, he should be talking to Americans about the same issues, but with an emphasis on what voters want, feel and would LIKE to vote on. . . Obamacare, immigration, Planned Parenthood, and the Iran "nuclear deal" under the Constitution about U.S. treaties.

Everything I heard in this video sounds fine to me. But he's not reaching out to voters. He's talking to insiders.

This won't work.

Tim Turner

Francis W. Porretto said...

He's not addressing Obama, Tim. It's a formality in the Senate to address your remarks to the President of the Senate -- in this case, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Lord knows what it takes to wake people up, Mr. Turner. I think this is an especially important speech because Cruz puts his finger right on the nerve. I can't think of anything that has caused the patriotic, sensible base to question the utility of participating in electoral politics so much as the complete failure of the GOP to do anything with the majorities handed to them. The Great Stall, if you will, on top of which McConnell said absolutely no shut down. Those swine have never had the backbone to exercise the power of the purse, the chief aspect of which is that the Congress determines spending not the president. Previous shutdowns have been a joke and the usurpations of the President have created a constitutional crisis, only the fisking Republican leadership pretends that all that is at stake is keeping Yellowstone Park open to the public.

Talk about epic fail. The improper spending wanted by the president on amnesty, the war on Syria, Obamacare, and PP inter alia all involve actions by Obama that are unconstitutional. The people need to see protection of the Constitution as the first duty of the Congress. A knock-down-drag-out over that stuff is just what the doctor ordered by Cruz points out how the leadership shrinks from the battle.

Nothing that you don't understand, of course.